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Do you ever wonder what your classmates are doing? If they are still the same or if they moved on, changed somehow? What career they pusued or where they live? Nowadays it is easy to stay connected thanks to social media. I remember that my mum and dad told me they never knew what a few friends and colleagues were doing nowadays. So that's when I introduced my parents to Facebook.

Facebook sounds familar to most of the people when you mention it. Everybody has heard of it. Through the news, the internet, through friends and family or even colleagues. Theres even a hollywood movie abouyt the will known social network and its founder. But I do know a lot of people who haven't used Facebook yet, or people that moved on to other social networks.

The Basics

The app for Android and IOS features pretty much the same functions and look than the website. All combined in a functional and sleek design, customized to the screen of mobile devices. The app also guarantees much quicker access than the mobile website and will give you shortcuts to you favorite functions, that you use regularly.

Good News

The mobile app clearly stes a new focus. A good overview of the news feed. Departing from the website's design the Developers now included a set of functional icons that will take you to different sections of Facebook, which makes navigating much easier. If you reach the bottom of the news feed page more content will be loaded automatically, so that you can browse through your friends posts without interruptions.

Social Media Update

Since facebook seems to be used more and more by more grown up generations instead of youngsters the Developers worked hard to include new features that might attract Snapchat or Instagram Users. In addition to normal posts you have the possibility to share Stories, much like instagram, that will be accessible for 24 Hours. A Video Chat with funny masks, as well as a live broadcast feature are included as well, making it possible to express yourself in totally new ways. There are also features like "Find your Friends" that will show you friends and contacts nearby via GPS - if enabled. An encouraging tool to meet spontaneously and to see what your loved ones are doing and where.

You are also possible to customize the look of your profile with photos, pictures and colours to give your page a personal look.

The downside

Due to the design changes the Facebook Developers made one important decision that led to a lot of criticism - they removed all messenging from the main app into a seperate app called Facebook Messenger. Though they work seamlessly together and you can still communicate with all your contacts a lot of Users where upset that they had to download and install a second for feature that seemed to be easy to include in the main application.


The design team took a huge risk with changing the complete look and feel of the app. But once you use the new app, it's really easy to adapt. It might be a little more difficult now to find all the features of the app with one blink of the eye, but the big advantage is, that the app seems to look less clunky and is more appealing. I'm not sure if Instagram and Snapchat Users will move back to Facebook due to the design changes, but since the apps work together pretty seamlessly, and Facebook is still completely free of charge, it remains to be a reliable and fun app for communication and social media.

Facebook Pros & Cons


New Look
New Features


Messenger app has to installed seperately
A bit difficult to find some functions

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