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Facebook has been around for many years now. I've actually created my Facebook account two years or so after it's release. Back then it still had "circles" and you had to select which University you're going to. It's been a fun ride and highly interesting to see the development of Facebook and what has become of it today. The Facebook messenger for example is a great and "relatively" new tool in the Facebook universe.

What It's About

Facebook Messenger is completely integrated into the FB platform. It makes it easy for you to stay in touch with friends & family.

You can have private chats that you don't want to be out in the open for everyone to see. You can also send & receive secret messages, these messages are end-to-end encrypted so that even facebook can't ready the contents. Once deleted these messages are unretrievable. Perfect for sending this weekends party planning to your buddies :)

The Messenger also lets you easily share any content from Facebook, such as funny videos, memes or GIFs.

Messenger Features

Messenger has a great search feature, which works much better than the native search in the Facebook app.

If you ask me why that is, I do not know... But whenever I try to find someone through the facebook app, chances are I won't find anything.

While it is the complete opposite with the Messenger search, which for some reason gives better results.

Facebook Messenger makes it super-duper easy to bulk-forward messages to as many of your friends as you wish. Simply tap the forwarding button and select anyone, or any group you'd like to include in this blast. Perfect to share a funny GIF with everybody.

The secret messages feature as already mentioned above, is very useful. Although I fail to understand why not ALL of the messages in FB Messenger use end-to-end encryption. This should be pretty standard today, and gives me personally some privacy concerns when using the app.

Video & Audio calls in FB Messenger work flawlessly, and I rarely have connection problems as I do with the Skype app. Even friends residing in countries far away, no problems at all.

There is also the feature that lets you add someone who isn't on facebook, just by their phone number. Very convenient feature that I personally use a lot, because believe it or not, there are many people who aren't using Facebook.


The Facebook Messenger is the perfect communication tool if you're a moderate to heavy Facebook user. It integrates fully into the FB platform and makes it super easy to share content.

If you're not that much into Facebook, there certainly are better tools available that do not lock you in Facebook.

Facebook Messenger Pros & Cons


Audio & Video works very well
Easy to find people


You're tied to Facebook's Platform
Some privacy concerns

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