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I love to make trips using modern devices. You can search online for the best locations, easily find the best travel tips and directions, plan your route and the trip with additional apps and then finally get there by using state of the art navigation that will inform you about current traffic and calculate your arrival. If you need additional apps for better planning why not try something like Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go.

When I first discovered Fake GPS Joystick in the app store, I wasn't quite sure what the app was supposed to provide. I soon discovered that the service is actually a location spoofer, which means you can fool any application or service on your phone into thinking you are anywhere in the world.

Initially, I thought this was strange and had no idea why this would be helpful in any capacity, but then I thought about the possibilities presented in the app and decided to download Fake GPS Joystick to give it a whirl.

Making Social Media Safer

Probably one of the most important benefits of downloading Fake GPS Joystick is simply to create a safer social media environment. I love the fact that you can go on to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and countless other social media pages and trick the site into thinking you are in a different location.

I see this as being a reliable safeguard at keeping our children safe. There are far too many social media outlets for them to contact strangers and that is a recipe for disaster. When you install Fake GPS Joystick onto your child's device, you are giving yourself the peace of mind that they aren't sharing their true location with strangers all over the world.

The thing I love most about this way of using the app is that you are in no way infringing on your child's privacy; they can still talk to their friends without worrying that you are spying on their phones.

Play Different Cities In Pokemon Go

I never imagined I could walk through my neighborhood and collect Pokemon from different cities all over the globe. Initially, I couldn't understand how a location spoofer like Fake GPS Joystick could fool Pokemon Go into displaying the unique creatures to that specific area.

Not only does the app fool the game into giving you the same experience you would as if you were in the chosen city, but it also provides a joystick to help you when it comes time to navigating gameplay.

The joystick itself has very smooth mechanics and I was pleasantly surprised to find how seamlessly it worked with third-party applications.

Snarky Developer

I thought there could be nothing worse than a developer that doesn't respond to customer complaints, but I was proven terribly wrong by the developer of Fake GPS Joystick.

This fella is missing a few rays of sunshine with his morning coffee because nearly every single reply in the forums has a snarky tone. I was appalled to read the tone in which this specific developer speaks to customers who have spent money to purchase their app.

If nothing else, reviews are meant to do developers a favor and assist them in improving on their product so that it can be more successful. For a developer to come back with rude comments that nearly insult the intelligence of their customers is just inexcusable in my opinion.

There are a lot of cool things you could do with Fake GPS Joystick, my favorite, of course, being the safety implications of the app. I will feel much better knowing that my nieces are speaking to their online friends while their actual location is safely hidden away. It's just unfortunate that customers have to deal with rude remarks and nasty comebacks if they have any complaints or suggestions on how to improve Fake GPS Joystick.

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