Farming Simulator 18

A realistic farm life simulator.

Farming Simulator 18

Life on a farm seems to be a lot of hard work. You have so many different Fields of work that you have to get done. You have a farm to manage, animals to care for, develop products, order food for your animals and farm workers and have thousands of acres of fields that need to be worked on so that you can grow vegetables and corn. And the day has just 24 hours. If you wanna experience what it’s like to be a farmer, you should definitely try Farming Simulator 18.

There are tons of simulation games on the market, but very few of them offer realistic graphics and tasks. I was so used to playing the limited cartoonish simulators on social media, that I was surprised to see one as sensible and well-thought-out like Farming Simulator 18.

Since I was a child, I've always been obsessed with farming and the way of life that surrounds it, but I never had the opportunity to spend much time on a farm. So, now that I am an adult, any simulation of farming I can get is a real treat.

If you want to see what a real farming game is supposed to feel like, then head to the play store on your device to download Farming Simulator 18.

Realistic Simulation

Most farming simulators are laid out in an aerial view, and you choose blocks in which to plant crops or place animals and decor. These sorts of games are fun enough, but they can also be very limiting as most of them require lives or points to make a move and then it's hours until you can play again.

I love that Farming Simulator 18 doesn't limit your gameplay in any way, and because you pay for the app, you don't have to sit through random ads while farming either.

There are over 50 replicas of actual farming equipment for you to use in the simulator and each one offers a different benefit, as it would on a real farm. Not only do the machines look realistic, but the mechanics and physics of the game are made to make them work the way they are supposed to as well, so you're really going to feel like a virtual farmer!

Transporting Goods

Typically, when I've played lesser farming simulations in the past, I have had to try and sell my goods to other players in an in-game marketplace.

However, when you download Farming Simulator 18, you get to choose one of the many transport vehicles to load up your material and take it out for sale on the road.

I love every practical aspect of this game, and it only makes me want to live and work on a farm even more, but for now, Farming Simulator 18 will have to do.

NPC Vehicles Are Glitchy

As great as the game is, there is one hilariously glaring issue which needs to be addressed. There are tons of NPCs, or Non-Playable Characters, that will help you get your work done on the farm, or at least try their best! Many of the NPC vehicles seem to have a hard time staying on the road or figuring out where they are supposed to go, as I have found a few of them trying to drive through a wall already.

The frustrating part about this is that if they are out on the job for you, you may have to head out and round them up to get it done.

Overall, I love playing Farming Simulator 18 because it really feels like I am using the equipment and managing crops in my own fields. I also enjoy that you can use the machine to load other vehicles up, instead of watching a cinematic of it.

Because the game lets me perform all the actions myself, it doesn't get boring too quickly, and it adds a bunch of replay value to the game. One note about the development team I'd like to make is that they seem very quick to respond to customer issues with Farming Simulator 18.

So, if you find yourself getting frustrated with something, just reach out to them and get the problem worked out as soon as possible.

Farming Simulator 18 Pros & Cons


Authentic farm machines & tools
Great simulation


NPC Vehicles have glitches

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