Fate/Grand Order (English)

Join players in a gigantic new rpg universe

Fate/Grand Order (English)

A fascinating new adventure begins. A card trading rpg game with a script that features over 8 million words and thousands of incredible possibilities. Master your talents and compete with other players all over the world in exciting and adventurous battles, that will knock you off your feet. Fate/Grand Order is played by millions of gamers in several countries and is a clever modern rpg game.

RPG adventures have been a staple in my video game library ever since I was old enough to really get into the hobby. Typically, I would sit in front of the TV or computer monitor for hours on end grinding from one quest to the next, but who has time for all of that as an adult? I found myself browsing the play store recently with hopes of finding a mobile RPG that would be less time consuming to play but would also provide the same excitement as a console title.

Although there were plenty of solid choices, I landed on Fate/Grand Order because of the intriguing mix of immersive storytelling and epic card battle sequences. Don't let the story portion of the game deter you from downloading Fate/Grand Order as the developers have written it in such a way that both fans and newcomers to the series will enjoy the storyline and dialogue between characters.

Beautiful Animation

I was initially drawn to Fate/Grand Order because of the stunning anime-style graphics both during the battle sequences and story cinematics in the game.

There are over fifty famous illustrators from the anime community, so you know the artwork is going to be impeccable when you download Fate/Grand Order. Every single battle scene has in-depth animation that even includes the light from the sun shining through the treetops and shadows casting off of the environment.

If you are tired of looking at over-the-top 3D graphics while you're playing monotonous match-3 games, then perhaps it's time to switch up your mobile gaming library with something that has a bit more depth.

Extensive Story

When it's time to relax, there are only a handful of activities you'll find me doing. Either I'm hovering over my phone playing an exciting mobile game, or I'm lounging on the couch with a good book. It's a rare occasion to find these two pastimes merged together, but when it happens I can't help but download the game in question.

Fate/Grand Order not only offers an impressive visual experience, but the game also gives players the opportunity to immerse themselves into a storyline consisting of over one million words. The word count isn't as daunting as it seems, however, because each of the characters in the game must be unlocked before their part of the story can progress. So, there is a comfortable flow when it comes to reading through plot and dialogue, and battling against your enemies.

Always Improving

It's rare nowadays to find a development team that doesn't drop the quality of their game over time. Even though Fate/Grand Order has been a popular title for some time now, the development team is regularly updating the game and improving on the overall user experience.

One of my favorite things about playing Fate/Grand Order has to be the true free-to-play experience. I never feel pressured to spend my money in the in-game shop, even though there is one available if I should ever feel like splurging. It definitely takes a dedicated player to put in the time and commitment to progress through Fate/Grand Order, but the end result is well worth the wait.

I would highly recommend Fate/Grand Order to any player who enjoys an immersive RPG adventure with an even blend of fighting and amazing graphics as well as immersive storytelling.

I found it refreshing to finally play a game that didn't make me feel as though I had to spend money in order to advance through the story. Although some of the characters in the game may be tougher to level up, I think that makes the game all the more fun to play.

Fate/Grand Order (English) Pros & Cons


Interesting new gameplay mix
Beautiful animation
Great storytelling


Music a bit repetitive
No airplane mode

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