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Final Fantasy is a fascinating gaming franchise. Released originally back in the 1990‘s it soon became a world wide sensation for gamers and rpg lovers. With never seen before strategic elements and fascinating visuals as well as genre cross overs it took a well deserved place in many gamers hearts. This rereleased title features the feel and the gameplay of the original but has an enhanced gaming control system for mobile devices.

Final Fantasy Tactics has been one of my favorite RPG games since its original launch date for the PlayStation back in 1997. I was thrilled when I saw the revamp for the PSP in 2007, but I'm even more excited to find Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL in the mobile game store. Portable consoles can be really expensive, so I was happy to see Square Enix came out with a version for us mobile players! Although you might gasp at the somewhat expensive price tag in the play store, keep in mind how legendary the game is and how hard the developers worked to bring it to the small screen of our phones! Honestly, after playing the game for a short while, the sting of the purchase price didn't hurt half as much as I thought it might!

Natural Controls

One of the things I find most irritating about most mobile games that try to create adventure titles or RPGs is the wonky controls that nearly half of them seem to have. Luckily, Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL has some of the most natural and intuitive controls of any mobile adventure game I've ever tried. Instead of just zooming in and out of the maps in Final Fantasy Tactive: WotL, players can simply tap, touch, pinch, drag, and rotate the screen to manipulate the view of the maps in the game.

Keeping Things Moving

Another of my gaming pet peeves is when I have to sit through multiple loading screens or lengthy cutscenes that I've either already seen, or do not care to watch in the first place.

The development team for Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL has definitely streamlined the gameplay in this version of the game as they have shortened the time on loading screens and allow players to skip cutscenes if they want.

As much as I dislike sitting through cutscenes, I must say that the ones included in Final Fantasy games have always been hard to turn off anyway. At times they can be a decent break from the monotony of battle, so it is a breath of fresh air to have the option to skip over them.

No Cloud Save

There is really only one significant factor of the game that I would tweak, and that is to give the players the ability to save their game to the cloud so that it can be picked up on another device.

I found out the hard way that once you download Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL and change devices there is no way to recover the progress you have already made on your old device. With the game being over $10 in the play store, I feel like you should at least be able to jump from mobile device to device without worrying about losing your progress.

However, it is comforting to know that the game is always evolving and the developers have always worked diligently to give us the best possible product, so I am sure this will be a feature in the near future.

Overall, I would highly recommend downloading Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL for anyone who loved the game in its original form. You are sure to enjoy reconnecting with your favorite Final Fantasy heroes just as much as I did!

The only other thing I might change about the game is brightening up the graphics a bit. At times, depending on what dungeon or quest you are running through, the background can be a bit dark and lacking for detail.

Other than that, the game runs nearly as well as it did on my Playstation all those years ago as a kid.



As good as on the Playstation Console


No Cloud Saving


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