Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

I loved the final fantasy movie. The visuals where just stunning and I think it was story that was unlike a lot of the usual fantasy movies. It is exciting how many different perspectives the world of Final Fantasy offers its fans. There are complex fantasy adventures, rpg games and now there is even a strategic game that is set in the imaginative universe. You have to build your own kingdom, protect it against enemies and fight epic battles.

Final Fantasy has been one of the most popular game titles in the industry for at least the last decade, so I wasn't surprised when I started to find Final Fantasy games in the mobile play store.

As someone who has been a fan of the franchise since the start, I expected big things from the titles I found in the play store, but I was sorely disappointed.

I took a chance in downloading Final Fantasy XV because I expected great things from the mobile adventure strategy game. Although there are some great things about Final Fantasy XV for your mobile device, there were several things that seemed beyond disappointing with the title. First, let's start with what I did like!

Whimsical Graphics

Much like any of the games in the franchise, the mobile version of Final Fantasy XV includes some of the best graphics you can find in a mobile strategy game.

The colors are bright and whimsical and the developers did fantastic work on animating the different battle sequences and magical effects in the game as well. On top of seeing the Final Fantasy world in all its whimsical glory on the small screen of your phone, you can choose to assemble parties of heroes that consist of your favorite characters from the console and PC version of Final Fantasy XV.

When I initially downloaded Final Fantasy XV and saw the attention to detail in the graphics, I had high hopes for the rest of the game, but those hopes were soon dashed away.

Bait & Switch Tactics

Although the greatest appeal for playing Final Fantasy XV on my phone was the free-to-play status, it seems as though the game is focused more on the war of the wallet than producing a playable game.

First of all, the in-game store teases you with the promise of advantageous card packs only to give you a fraction of what you were promised once you shell out the cash to make a purchase.

Not only is this a very misleading practice, but the developers put an insanely high cost on each pack, making them no less than $100 after you start giving them money. Even if you had the kind of money to drop hundreds of dollars on a mobile game, you still wouldn't get all of the product you were promised, and the developers couldn't care less!

No Love For Customers

It seems to me that the most popular games in the play store tend to have a caring and hard working development team. So, it just seems strange to me that a company as successful as Epic Action LLC would ignore the pleas of wronged customers and continue with their unfair practices.

Although many customers have reached out to the company to be compensated for the missing items and money, they are only met with cookie-cutter copy and paste emails that offer no assistance; that is if the company decides to respond at all!

There wasn't much of a saving grace for the mobile version of Final Fantasy XV for me as there are so many problems with the way the game is managed. After nearly every update there is some new issue to contend with in the game, and you will rarely if ever, see a solution to the problem.

One of the most recent issues with the game leaves the text so small that you can't keep up with the storyline. What's worse is that you can't properly communicate with your teammates because of an annoying white overlay that covers up the entire text box. At the end of the day, I'm calling this one a "player beware."

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Pros & Cons


A Final Fantasy game especially for mobile devices


Text Boxes are hard to read
It's very expensive to level up

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