Fire Emblem Heroes

The popular Fire Emblem series continues on your mobile

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem is a well known strategic roleplaying game that was published first on Nintendos Video game consoles. Now the saga continues with a release for mobile platforms on IOS and Android. It is a fascinating term-based adventure game. You can pick your hero out of a huge universe or characters and develop its skills and capabilities. Fight epic battles that are fitted to the experience on a mobile phone.

Nintendo's popular Fire Emblem series is still regaling customers after 25 long years of releasing games for their various consoles. But now, players can enjoy a strategic RPG adventure wherever the mood strikes them by downloading Fire Emblem Heroes onto their mobile device.

It's not often you find a major establishment like Nintendo creating content for mobile gamers and for free no less, so I took a leap of faith and installed the game.

All of my favorite characters from the series are available to unlock and level up in Fire Emblem Heroes, so the replay value far exceeds anything I expected from this title. Not to mention the graphics are absolutely incredible for a mobile game, but what can you expect, it is Nintendo after all!

Old School Meets New School

When playing any video game, you would typically expect to find 2D or 3D graphics, but rarely were they once married as often as they are now. Nintendo has created the perfect mesh of 2D gameplay with stunning 3D animations.

So, even though you might have little 2D figures with blocky builds running around the map and battlefield, you will also enjoy seeing 3D, anime-style animations of your favorite Fire Emblem characters when going through the lengthy story mode and when they battle their foes.

Extensive Story

I would caution anyone who dislikes a lot of reading to possibly look for something different as you will be doing a lot of it if you download Fire Emblem Heroes.

Instead of long cutscenes between quests and battles, a chat box will appear at the bottom of your screen with the dialogue between the group who is speaking. You will also see a still animation of the characters as they speak to one another.

You could look at this feature of the game as great or ghastly, depending on the way you like to game. If you get tired of having to skip through a lot of dialogue before getting to the action, then this one might not be the game for you!

There are over 700 story chapters in Fire Emblem across all of the difficulty levels so you can imagine just how extensive the playability is in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Strategic Know-How

One of the things you have to be careful of when rushing into the heat of battle is the strategic placement of each of your heroes. Fire Emblem Heroes takes real-time strategy gaming to a new level by giving players the opportunity to reposition their heroes on the grid of the battlefield before engaging in a battle.

You'll have to carefully consider the abilities of each character on your team before giving them an assigned location. Not only will you have to think about the level of each of your heroes, but you will also need to consider the abilities of your opponents as well.

Fire Emblem Heroes is such a great way to waste time when I am looking for a game to play on my phone. There are tons of chapters in the game already, but the developers add more with nearly every update, so the story is ever-evolving and ready to bring new excitement to your gaming world.

Keep in mind, that although Fire Emblem Heroes is free to play, you will more than likely experience ads while you play the game, and players have the ability to spend real money in the in-game store if they'd like to progress a bit faster.

However, there is not a lot of pressure from Nintendo to open up your wallet when you play Fire Emblem Heroes which is a refreshing change for the mobile gaming market!

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Great Storytelling


Hard to level up without In-Game Purchases

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