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Beware of Freddy the bear

Five Nights at Freddy's

I’m a big fan of horror movies. I don’t know why. I started watching them with my brother and we had a lot of joy scaring each other. The relief after something scares you is just the best. There are so many different subgenres to horror, but psychological horror might be the most frightening of them all. Five nights at Freddy’s might be one of the scariest mobile games. Here’s why...

It takes a special kind of player to muster up the courage to complete a game from the horror genre, and we found a title that is sure to make you peek over your shoulder a few times!

Five Nights At Freddy's is a terrifying title which leaves you, a newly hired security guard, alone in a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza joint. We know it doesn't sound like much, but this horror title works to poke at the irrational fears of children and adults alike.

Have you ever had a creepy doll that you could barely stand to look at? If you have, then you know just how disturbing inanimate objects can be, especially robotic mascots that come to life after closing time in a family pizza place!

When you're ready to see if you can survive your shift, then head to the play store and download Five Nights At Freddy's to get started.

Limited Power

At the start of each session, you will begin in the security office of the pizza place, which has monitors all over the vast complex. All seems well until you notice the limitations to your power source. Once your power runs out, the doors and lights will fail, and all you will have to keep you safe are the monitors who keep track of each area of the restaurant.

Though it might seem simple, the cameras do not always give you the best vantage point because of the lights being out, so you'll also have to be sure to hide so that you can't be easily found.

Don't Let Them Find You

The most important aspect of Five Nights At Freddy's is to make it through five nights of hell in the place with three seemingly possessed and murderous robotic creatures.

If you can keep track of where you are compared to where the characters are on the cameras, you can move around the complex to find new hiding places; however, you'll find it far more difficult to know where they are and where you need to move to stay safe.

If you think you have the directional skills and level head about you to take on this terrifying game, then download Five Nights At Freddy's and dim the lights before you play, we dare you!

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Although you might be thinking, there aren't many terrifying qualities to a robotic mascot in a children's pizza shop, but you'll soon learn just how scary Freddy and his friends can be once you've lost all the lights and use of security doors in the building!

You'll get a chill up your spine as you peer at the screens on the first night, and by the fifth, you'll be begging for a way out without being caught. Be prepared for when the robots do pop up because you are sure to jump out of your skin when they do!

As far as games in the horror genre go, Five Nights At Freddy's holds it's own at the top of the list. Freddy is just as popular with gamers now as he was years ago upon his introduction.

There is one issue commonly seen in the comment section with Five Nights At Freddy's, however, and the idea of it becoming a widespread problem is enough to make us want to throw our phones.

Many players are seeing a glitch on the final night where the game will randomly kick them back to the home screen, effectively losing all progress in the game they were on. Hopefully, this is an issue which will be fixed in an upcoming patch. We can only hope so, as FNaF is one of our new favorite horror titles!

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Game length could be longer

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