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Were you in a school band? I was. I played the guitar in our junior high band. The rascals. And we were pretty bad. We all learned instruments, the guitar, the base, keyboard, piano, violins and drums. Our singer didn’t know how to sing and we couldn’t play together very well. It was fun anyway. If we would have had money for lessons or a studio we might have continued to play, but we didn’t. Let’s find out if modern day studio apps are worth trying out...

As far back as I can remember, I've always been fascinated by music; listening to all the different layers to a song was always the most intriguing part for me.

When I was younger, before I understood the idea of a production studio and equalizers and all that good stuff, I had no idea how someone could take so many sounds and mash them all together to make something so beautiful, or rhythmic.

I knew I had to download FL Studio Mobile as soon as I found it in the play store, as all the features and benefits listed in the description were everything I'd ever hoped to find in a music creation app.

Straightforward Navigation

Because I have no previous knowledge in mixing tracks or creating beats with an equalizer or mixer, I was so relieved to find the navigation to be straightforward and simple to understand.

I appreciated that the developers took the extra time to simplify features which might otherwise be too difficult for the untrained user. The interface is essentially a grid made up of rows of squares. Each row represents a different layer of sound in your track, so it's easy to tell what sound is coming from where.

The farthest side of the screen even has a label on the first box which will tell you exactly what that row is producing in the current track. When you download FL Studio Mobile on your phone, it's like having a mobile music studio in your pocket at all times!

Long Click To Copy And Paste

One of the features I really enjoy when creating a track is the long click to copy and paste option. If I am really enjoying a specific loop in the track, all I need to do is long click on the section of squares containing the sounds I want to loop, and then long-click again to paste the section into another location on the track. This saves so much time because you aren't having to scroll back and forth to make sure you haven't messed up the rhythm at any point.

Choose A Track Or Create Your Own

If you are not a musical genius like some lucky people out there, don't worry about feeling overwhelmed or lost when using FL Studio Mobile, as there are plenty of built-in music tracks for you to synthesize, equalize, and otherwise make your own.

I love that when I'm feeling a little less creative or lazy, I can simply choose one of the preset loops to play around with. It adds so much more usability to the app and gives it more of an entertaining feel.

I never imagined that creating such awesome beats and beautiful songs would be so simple! I also can't complain about the fact that FL Studio Mobile allows you to record and save your tracks so that you can share them to social media or directly to your family and friends. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who loves music, and who has a knack for creativity.

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