FlipaClip: Cartoon animation

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FlipaClip: Cartoon animation

Ever dreamed of becoming the next Stan Lee? An idea for a beautiful and exciting graphic novel but don’t know where to start? Flipaclip might just be your thing. You can draw cartoons and learn about animation. Test your Skills and make complete cartoon adventures - from the first scratch til the last frame. Flipaclip gives you all the tools you need - draw, edit, animate, add audio and export a movie. All with intuitive controls and easy interfaces.

When I was a kid, I was always doodling in the lower corner of my schoolbooks and notepads to create funny flipbooks. Although my parents and teachers didn't always appreciate the distraction, creating flipbooks in class is the first artistic expression I can remember making.

Over the years, I find myself randomly doodling on the corners of pages, fondly remembering those early days of animation. Now, I have tons of different applications and services that help me create stunning works of art for my clients; however, I wanted to find something to create for myself.

When I found FlipaClip in the play store, I knew I had found the app that would bring back all those nostalgic memories of drawing in class.

Easy To Learn Navigation

I was afraid that FlipaClip would be overloaded with complicated controls and too many different options to choose from, but the interface was perfectly set up and easy to pick up rather quickly.

What I love about the simplicity of the navigation is that any age of artist could download FlipaClip and have a blast creating awesome content. When you have a straightforward and clean set up to work with, there are no distractions to keep you from creating something amazing, and that's my favorite thing about FlipaClip.

Easily Edit With Onion Layers

I have tried a few artistic apps in the past that don't allow you to create an image with layers, which makes editing any animation a nightmare. Luckily, I quickly found the option to add onion layering to my illustrations before I got too deeply immersed into them.

Now, if I make a mistake on the movement of a character's face, I know all I have to do is select the layer with the error present in order to fix it. Having the onion layer option has saved my butt more times than once, but it's good for much more than editing.

If you are trying to create an intricate flipbook with talking characters or a lot of movement, then you can also use the layering feature to make sure the cell you are working on will transfer smoothly into the next.

Adding Audio

There are not many things you'll need to pay for when you download FlipaClip, but the most exciting pay-to-use feature is the ability to add sound to your flipbook.

I don't know about you, but making a digital flipbook into an actual speaking animation or scene with music is like a dream come true. The only way that I can see paying for audio as being a problem would be if you are planning to use the app to complete a huge project. In that case, paying for the ability to add music or speech to your flipbooks could be a bit expensive.

FlipaClip is a wonderful app for any artist on the go, or for creative kids to try their hand at animation. There's no right or wrong way to use FlipaClip, and I think that's what I love the most about it.

Although there were plenty of things I love about the app, there was one issue I had when creating content. When using some of the pencil tools there is not a finished, solid line when you run your animation. This can give your image an unpolished look and overall ruin the aesthetic you were looking for if not careful.

The pencil tool smoothness is not a make or break factor for me when it comes to using FlipaClip because there are so many different things you can create when using the app. At some point, those sloppy pencil lines may give my animation just the look I was trying for.

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Pencil tool too messy sometimes

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