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In our modern age we are connected all over the world like never before. We can access whats happening all over the globe, explore foreign places and get to know other cultures over our mobile devices. But has also become way harder to tell right from wrong since a lot of news always come with someones interest to achieve something. Choosing the right news app is an important topic.

Fox News seems like it's always been the household standard for getting all the best information. However, as I've grown older and started paying closer attention to the news and current events all over the world, I have noticed that Fox isn't all that neutral when it comes to delivering information.

Despite my disdain for the franchise, I decided to download Fox News to see if the app would be any better than the nightly news. Sadly, I was met with the same slanderous, negativity-laced, political agenda that is Fox News. If you've been debating whether or not to download the app, allow me to give you a bit of insight.

Overly Heavy Political Content

It seems as though Fox News has a particular affinity for the current United States President, and it shows, in nearly every article, all over the site. Now, without taking sides, it would be difficult for anyone to say that the current President has not done or said something to either make them scratch their head or cross their fingers that we wouldn't be attacked overnight.

You have to wonder how responsible the journalism is at Fox News if they always take the side of one person or party. When I read an article or watch a news broadcast, I want to have the confidence that I am getting the most straightforward and unbiased reporting out there. Unfortunately, I don't feel that I get trustworthy or open-minded news from Fox.

Functionality Issues

One of the things that frustrate's me the most about the Fox News app is that you can't rely on any of the video's or their audio to play correctly every time.

As if it wasn't frustrating enough to have to scroll through the same boring content, but I can't even rely on the videos I do want to watch to work properly when using the Fox News app. The times that I do get a video to work, then it seems that the audio won't sync up properly, and sometimes there is never any sound at all.

There are lots of bugs throughout the app, but the streaming issues have to be the most frustrating in my opinion. What good is a news app after all if you can't watch the news?

Personal Feed

Ok, so I did find one redeeming quality about the Fox News app, so I thought I would close my thoughts on a high note. I really enjoyed being able to save the articles and videos I wanted to watch or read later on to a personalized feed.

If I was in the middle of reading something and got interrupted I can easily tap the option to save it and easily come back to it later on. There have been so many times in the past that I have found an interesting article on another site and could not find it to finish reading at a later time.

Although I didn't find much to love about the app, I don't see why you couldn't download Fox News if you are already a fan of the news they broadcast. The only issues you will more than likely come across, especially if you have an older device, are a few audiovisual problems within the app when trying to watch or listen to content.

I will say, another redeeming quality of the Fox News app is that I found no disruptions or issues with the written information in the app. It was overall straightforward to navigate as well, so I suppose that is another plus for them. At the end of the day, if you are a fan of Fox then you may not have any problems with the app. However, if you like a little variety in your news, you may want to stick with another station.

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Personalized feed


Functionality and Compability issues
One sided news, far from neutral journalism

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