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FOX NOW: Watch Live & On Demand TV & Sports

Isn't it great how much options we got nowadays. Instead of being stuck with three channels or limited choice we have mobile apps giving us access to all those great streaming services or platforms from our favorite channels. TV Shows, hundreds of episodes, the best movies of all times, classic movies and the latest ones as well as different news programs all available on your mobile.

Fox has been a staple television network in my household since I was a young child. I can remember sitting around the TV watching The Simpsons, Sunday night football, and so many more shows with my family.

It's much easier to catch all your favorite TV shows when you're a kid; no strict schedule to adhere too, and no job to rest up for in the morning.

Now that I'm an adult, it's a lot harder to catch my favorite shows as they air, which means hearing all the spoilers when I go into work the next day. I recently heard about the FOX NOW app, and decided to give it a try; after all, I already use other streaming services, so why not support one that shows nothing but Fox content?

Catch Up Before New Episodes

There have been plenty of times that I've gone into work or heard from a friend that something crazy happened in an episode of my favorite show, one that I forgot to watch the night before. In fact, I do this so much that I'll miss several episodes before I get a night to myself to actually watch it.

Unfortunately, if you rely solely on your cable provider to watch TV, then you're likely to miss out on seeing the episodes you didn't watch before seeing the newest one. Luckily, this problem is solved when you download FOX NOW. Now, I can catch up on all of the episodes I missed before watching the newest show.

Watch Without Cable Subscription

When I downloaded FOX NOW onto my phone, I was surprised to see that I didn't need a subscription to use the app. Although most of the content is locked without signing in with a cable provider, you can still watch the five most recent episodes of any show that airs on the Fox network.

I love that I have the option to use the app without having cable because I don't typically pay for a provider subscription. I will often rely on apps like Hulu or Netflix to watch all of my content, but those don't allow you to watch the episodes of a current season like FOX NOW does.

Too Many Ads

I expected there to be ads during the videos on FOX NOW, but it's a bit ridiculous when you have to watch several ads just because you chose to rewind an episode you were watching.

It seems, at times, that I end up watching more commercials than I do actual TV which makes me think I'm better off just biting the bullet and calling the cable company.

If I'm going to watch a 20-minute episode and it takes nearly an hour due to ads, I might as well just go ahead and watch standard TV. As if the ridiculous number of ads wasn't horrible enough, the videos don't even play smoothly when you're trying to watch your content.

Nearly every time I used FOX NOW to watch TV I had to wait forever for the video to load, and sometimes it never did.

Another issue I found with the FOX NOW app is that the search features seem to be very lacking. You would think that a network as big as Fox would have a primetime tab or at the very least a most popular selection, but it's not that simple to find your favorites.

Despite its random problems, the FOX NOW app isn't a complete throwaway. Sure, the videos buffer too long sometimes and the commercials will make you want to rip your hair out, but at least you get to watch your shows, right?

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Content available even before it's aired
Watchable even without cable subscription


Too many disturbing ads

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