FoxFi Key (supports PdaNet)

The app to license FoxFi and PdaNet

FoxFi Key (supports PdaNet)

I always have trouble when I need to choose a new phone plan. I never can make up my mind wether I need a cheap plan or one with enough mobile date or unlimited calls. One that comes with a state of the art phone or one that"ll save me a buck. But now that there are powerful tools to enhance your phones capabilities maybe it's time too choose a bigger plan to use all those opportunities.

FoxFi Key is a nifty little app that is meant to turn your mobile device into an internet hot spot. There are so many scenarios where I can see this being a supremely helpful feature. For example, If I am traveling for work and need to complete a project on my laptop but have no Wi-fi signal, all I have to do is activate my FoxFi to connect my laptop to the internet.

I was really excited to hear about such a useful app, but my hopes and dreams were quickly dashed when I looked into the service a bit further.

Multiple Apps Needed

First of all, there are a few more things you'll need to install on your phone before downloading FoxFi Key. At first, I didn't see the problem with this until I searched for the complimentary applications.

I wouldn't have minded having to download multiple things if I only had to pay one flat fee, but that is far from the case here. There is at least one other app you will have to purchase, and that is PdaNet; without it, there are no connecting outside devices to the internet.

Blocked By Carriers

One of the most frustrating things I learned about FoxFi Key was that a few popular carriers actually have the service blocked from the Google play store.

Because there are major companies blocking this product, there are millions of people who can't even use the service. The kicker is, many of those people do not know the app is blocked and end up wasting money on it.

Although I'm sure they have solid business reasons for doing this, you have to wonder if such an app is even worth installing if major phone companies want nothing to do with it.

Useless On Devices

I thought I would be safe downloading FoxFi Key because I do not use one of the offending carriers, however, I quickly found out there were more issues with FoxFi Key than I had originally suspected.

If you happen to use a Samsung device, you are pretty much screwed if you paid for FoxFi Key or PdaNet. Samsung is yet another popular name that has shunned the use of this app.

I couldn't have felt more disappointed or cheated after I paid for this app. Unless you do your research first to find out whether or not the service will work on your device or with your carrier, I wouldn't recommend spending the money on this app.

Although the idea of the app is amazing and there are plenty of users who get to use the full features and benefits of FoxFi Key, there are far too many restrictions for me to label this as a decent app to add to your mobile collection.

The only saving grace for this application is that the developers have created a website in which you can check a chart to see if your device and carrier are compatible with FoxFi Key and PdaNet.

Another redeeming note I can make for FoxFi Key is that the developers have recently extended the return policy for the app from 15-minutes to 21 days.

So, if you have purchased FoxFi Key and have had a less than satisfactory experience, make sure to reach out to the developers to request a refund. Overall, I would say anyone wanting to try the service should do so with caution and keep an eye on the refund clock!

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