Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Protect earth from the alien invasion

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Based on the classic invasion game, that people all over the world played in the arcades, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a fast paced action shooter where you have to shoot down aliens from the sky before they reach you. The concept sounds simple but it is pretty difficult to fight off all the aliens at once. With retro visuals and a enhanced arsenal of futuristic weapons it will be fun to fight off the invasion.

When us oldtimers were kids, we used to beg our mom's for quarters so we could head down to the local arcade for an afternoon of battling enemies and flying huge spaceships. If you are an old-school gamer from the 80s and 90s who loves playing modern games with a nostalgic feel, then you will undoubtedly enjoy playing Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter.

Much like the space shooting games of our childhoods, when you download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter you get to board your very own aircraft to battle against alien invaders. If you have been searching for a well made mobile game which offers a good deal of nostalgia, then you should definitely consider playing Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter.

Nostalgic Arcade Style With Impressive Improvements

One of the most significant aspects of this game which stuck out so strongly to us is the nostalgic look of the actual gameplay. If you have ever been to an arcade and played one of the original space shooters, then you'll feel as though you've emulated one right onto your phone or tablet!

However, once you download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter the first thing you'll notice is how crisp and clear the colors and the graphics in the game appear. Technology and modern mobile gaming have done the old arcade genre proud with this one!

Test Your Ship With Worldwide PVP Battles!

As you advance through the various levels of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade your ships to make them more formidable in battle.

Once you have reached a certain level, you'll also have the chance to throw down the gauntlet with other players from all over the world, in real time! This means that you don't have to wait around for hours until the other person makes a move; so, when you start a PVP battle against another player, you can expect it to begin immediately, and may the best player win!

What we love about games that offer PVP options like this one is that it affords you the opportunity to meet players that share your interests from all across the globe.

However, keep this in mind if you are downloading the game for your kids, as there are sure to be unsavory characters out there who you don't want to be able to chat with them as they play. This is yet another example of "buyer beware," though the game is free to play!

Plenty Of Levels To Keep You Entertained

Don't you hate when you find a perfect mobile game that does its job of keeping you entertained, only to find out that the replayability or number of levels is weak? You won't have to worry about stingy development when you play Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter as they have included over 120 stages!

The best part about having a large number of levels to work through is that you have plenty of playability as they increase tremendously in difficulty as you get into the higher levels.

Now for the not so great stuff; there is one major issue with this game which quite a few fellow players have pointed out. If you plan on using the in-game store to purchase cool upgrades, skins, or in-game currency, don't expect to have a satisfactory experience.

Many players who have poured real dollars into Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter have not seen the items paid for with those dollars.

When attempting to reach out to customer service, players are generally met with silence or the unfortunate run around. Long story short, if you want to protect your funds, stick with playing the game for free!

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