Game of Sultans

Lead your country. You are the mighty sultan.

If you ever wondered how it would be to have your own powerful kingdom, you can try out this immersive strategic simulation that will take you right into the Middle East where you have to make fateful decisions to rule your kingdom. Fight your enemies, train your soldiers, make political decisions for your allies and against your opponents and find the love of your life. A new take on strategic simulations with compelling new gameplay features.

I've been growing bored with my mobile gaming library lately, so I thought I would see if I could find something interesting in the play store. I didn't want the typical bright and bubbly match-3 puzzles I've been getting so burnt out on, so I decided to download Game of Sultans.

I could immediately tell that Game of Sultans was going to offer extensive replay value as well as an immersive storyline just by reading the description of the game.

If you're interested in playing an intriguing RTS game that puts you in the shoes of a Sultan, then head to the play store on your device to download Game of Sultans to start your journey.

Stunning Animation

The first thing that drew my attention toward Game of Sultans was the impressively realistic graphics. The game starts off with a cinematic that shows an empire on a stormy evening, you can tell immediately that the developers took great care in making sure that players felt immersed into the story as soon as they log into the game.

Although you could read along with everything that is said, the voice-over work in the game is also very well done. None of the characters sound robotic or over-the-top, and each one offers a unique personality to go with their role.

Helpful Tutorial

There's nothing that irritates me more than starting a new game and having to figure things out on my own. In my opinion, I think any game, regardless of platform, should offer an option tutorial for new players who are not comfortable with the controls.

Every game has a different set of mechanics and controls, not to mention unique user interface setups, so it's important for developers like the ones for Game of Sultans to include a sort of training period.

As well as helpful indicators and text boxes that explain what you need to click on to proceed, the different characters you meet at the beginning of the game will essentially teach you how to play by giving you specific directions.

Building a Harem

I don't know much about the Middle East or their cultures, but I was curious to see what it might be like to assemble a Harem as the Sultan. Although the women in the game have beautiful ornate costumes and accessories, there is something about the whole feature that seems unnecessary and degrading towards women.

I really wanted there to be an educational feel to this portion of the game, an insight into another culture, but the female characters are treated like pieces of meat and constantly talked down to.

As a female gamer, I find it unsettling to see a game animation of a man yelling at one of his many brides to lose weight. In this day and age, I think it's important for developers to be sensitive to all cultures and people, but I think the abusive nature of the Sultan in the Harem could have been left out.

Overall, Game of Sultans is a stunning RTS strategy experience that allows players to step into a completely different world. Build your empire and continue to make your father proud as you act as the new Sultan of your people.

My primary concern with the game is the message it sends to young men and how women should be treated. As great as the battle sequences and other features in the game are, I feel that this portion could be left out entirely without affecting the game in a negative way. If anything, I think the developers would be doing themselves a favor in getting rid of it entirely.

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