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Game of Thrones: Conquest™

Even though one of the greatest shows ever produced might be over, you can still visit Westeros and take your chance to fight for the iron throne. Powerful allegiances, broken promises, betrayal and epic battles in a strategic multiplayer game with a worldwide community. May Winter come, you are prepared for the battle. A dream came true for real fans.

With the rapid approach of the final season of Game of Thrones, I have been absolutely obsessed with all things that follow the franchise. Whether it's re-reading my favorite books in the series, or binge-watching the last season with my husband, I just can't get enough of it!

Lately, I discovered a game that would allow me to dive right in with my favorite GoT characters in an immersive mobile MMORPG experience. When I downloaded Game of Thrones: Conquest onto my phone, I was thrilled to see some of the most popular characters in the show pop up right from the beginning!

Easy To Pick Up

When I start playing a new game, I find it frustrating when a character tells you what to do but doesn't show you how to complete the given task. Luckily, you will encounter some of the most famous characters in the story who will do their best to teach you the ins and outs of the game.

You will have to build up the kingdom from scratch, which means building farms, barracks, castles, and more. As you encounter each new portion of the game a different character will pop up to explain how to play the game.

Create A Banner

A few years ago, I received a Game of Thrones adult coloring book that was chock full of stunning images for me to fill in, and some of my favorites were of the house crests.

I've always wondered what my families crest would look like if we had one, but now that I have Game of Thrones: Conquest, I can create a banner to reflect what I think about my family. There are tons of different shapes and icons to use for your banner and plenty of colors to choose from as well, so players are free to get as creative as possible when developing their banners.

Full MMO Experience

I have tried to play mobile MMOs in the past, but none of them have quite met my expectations. One of the things I quite enjoy in Game of Thrones: Conquest, is how many different layers there are to the game.

Most mobile games will give you a small handful of things to worry about, but when you download Game of Thrones: Conquest, you will be able to craft gear for your subjects, farm for goods to sell for money or to give to needy subjects, and anything else you can think of.

On top of maintaining the day to day happenings in your land, you will also have to stand up and fight against fellow players who strive to take over your land. Be sure to keep your army upgraded and all of your structures fully protected so that you never have to worry about losing ground to the enemy.

Although there are plenty of things about this game that I love, there are a few problems with Game of Thrones: Conquest that would be worth a look from the developers.

One of the most significant problems I ran into when playing the game was losing valuable boosts or in-game items due to a glitch or crash in the game. I have seen other players reach out on the forums about this issue, and some have said the developers have handled the problem by returning the items, but others have said they were met with a stern, "better luck next time!"

I'm not sure if the developers are actually this inconsistent, or if there is some catalyst to why they will assist some customers with issues and not others. Overall, I would caution players to keep their real money in their pockets, and simply enjoy the free play in Game of Thrones: Conquest.

Game of Thrones: Conquest™ Pros & Cons


A true GoT Mmorpg gaming experience


Glitches with the power ups make some battles pretty hard to win

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