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My dad always dreams of having a small garden that he can turn into a wonderful, secret paradise. With twinkling lights, beautiful plants and trees, comfy garden stools and maybe a pool to swim in. He always likes to take care of plants and to decorate everything nicely. With Gardenscapes he is one step closer to his dream garden. Though it"s just virtual, it offers much of the fun a hobby gardener seeks.

GardenScapes is one of the best games I have found for keeping myself entertained on my phone. The title by Playrix offers unique gameplay that allows players to unleash their creative side by renovating a stunning garden outside of a mansion while incorporating puzzle mini-games as well.

There are tons of unique decorative pieces to place in your garden, and lots of places to explore, but there's more to this game than just designing beautiful landscapes. As you may have guessed, the decorations and actions to clean up the garden will take some in-game currency, and what better way to earn some coin than by solving matching puzzles! There are plenty of puzzles to solve when you download GardenScapes and even more tasks to complete in your garden, so there is never a dull moment in the game!

Dozens of Characters

One element that is almost always lacking from puzzle games is character development and dialogue. At times, having a lack of character interaction can make a game seem rather dull and monotonous.

Luckily, GardenScapes offers even more depth and playability by including dozens of unique characters for you to interact with as you roam around the property; you will even receive a furry friend after completing certain tasks in the game.

Each new character that you meet in GardenScapes will give you a task to perform or quest to complete that will unlock new territories and reveal new and improved structures for your garden.

Limited Lives

One of my only complaints with games like GardenScape is that you typically have to wait long periods of time between tasks because of life limitations.

In GardenScapes, you are limited to the number of times you can try playing a puzzle game to earn coins. So, if you are already broke and trying to earn some in-game currency to buy new decorations and statues for your garden, you will either have to wait a few hours for your lives to recharge, or spend some real dollars in the in-game shop to get more lives or moves.

I suppose it's best for the developers to stifle players progression at least a little bit with games like this, otherwise, you might never be able to step away from it!

Play Offline

I was shocked to learn that I could play GardenScapes offline while I travel. Although you are limited to the tasks you can perform in the game while disconnected from the internet, there is plenty to keep you entertained if you have the currency or decorations saved up.

I sometimes choose to play games offline so that nobody bothers me while I'm trying to relax. So, I couldn't be happier that GardenScapes allows me to go incognito when I don't want anyone blowing up my phone while I'm playing a game.

My only concern with trying to play the game on a long flight is not having enough in-game currency or items saved up to play the game properly on a long flight. Most games that offer an online mode do not have the limitations on lives or play time, so I'm curious to see how offline mode really works the next time I fly home to visit family.

Overall, GardenScapes is one of the most diverse games in the play store as far as keeping players entertained through challenging matching puzzles, providing endearing characters to interact with, and offering a ton of decorative pieces to place wherever you please. If you love games that allow you to open up and be creative, then you must head to the play store and download GardenScapes to start playing now.

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Awesome concept
Airplane mode with limited options


Takes a long time to level up without purchases

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