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It is so cool that you can motivate yourself with the help of electronic tools and stay on track with your exercises. Mobile devices make working out much more fun and much easier. It's far better to challenge your firends and achieve new work out goals together than to be on your own and without motivation. Is the new connecting tool from Garmin a game changer?

Getting fit and staying that way has been an aspiration of mine since I was a teenager, however, aspiring to do something and actually doing it are two separate things.

Now that I'm older, I've turned to technology to help me get on track. There are so many different watches and wearable devices now, that I wasn't sure which one to choose at first. Once I found the Garmin fitness device that worked for me, I knew I had to download Garmin Connect to help keep me on the right track.

If you own one of the Garmin fitness tracking watches, then you too would highly benefit from using the Garmin Connect fitness app.

Motivating Challenges

Some of the things I love most about the Garmin Connect app are the various challenges you can complete to earn achievement badges. By giving users something to strive for, Garmin Connect has created a motivating environment to support the healthy habits of its users.

You can earn badges for how many miles you have walked total, for getting your heart rate up, and many other healthy activities.

Another reason I really enjoy the challenge portion of the Garmin Connect app is being able to invite my friends and family to complete the tasks with me. Although it can be competitive in nature, it is always fun to push yourself a little harder when you know someone else is performing the same task.

Create Workouts

One of my favorite features in Garmin Connect is the workout creator. I am terrible at knowing what to do when it comes to losing weight, so having the app help me come up with the best work out solutions is extremely helpful.

I get to choose the day and time that I want to do the workout, and the app will remind me when it's almost time to get my sweat on! Being able to set my workouts up ahead of time means that I am setting myself up to have a successful workout week.

Insightful Tracking

I wasn't sure what to expect as far as how my device would communicate with the Garmin Connect app, but once I started exploring I found plenty of helpful tracking features.

I can see exactly how many steps I've walked that day, how many calories I've burned, and there is even a stress detail portion that lets me know how rough of a day my body has been through.

Another thing I love about the different tracking options in Garmin Connect is the ability to check up on how your friends are doing. Offer a few words of encouragement to push them along, or ask them for advice on how they are doing so well.

Overall, I would recommend that you download the Garmin Connect application if you have a Garmin wearable fitness tracker. Whether you want to make sure your health is on the right track, or you aspire to finish your first marathon run, you are sure to enjoy the overall experience of Garmin Connect.

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