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Goat Simulator

I saw a horror movie once. I think it was Australian. It was hilarious. Kind of a black comedy, very dark. And it’s lead actors were - sheep. Evil sheep. That was so funny to take something like a sheep and turn it into a movie monster. We had a blast watching this. A more fun and immersive take on our furry friends takes Goat Simulator that gives us control over a sheep in a huge open world city.

All my life I have thought of goats as being one of the most hilarious animals on the planet, and even as an adult, I love to visit them at a petting zoo or family farm.

Although I've never been lucky enough to own a goat, I have always wondered what it would be like to have one around all the time. Now that I have found Goat Simulator in the play store, I can not only see what it is like to have a goat around, but what it's like to be a goat as well!

Be warned, do not expect a serious game about a loving farm animal when you download Goat Simulator. This game is made to be pure nonsensical, but it's the best thing you'll play all year!

Honest Developers

There's nothing in the gaming industry that earns my respect more than an honest developer. It's one thing if you have a buggy game and don't respond to customer complaints and rip people off, but if you're upfront about the issues in your app then that makes me want to support them all the more.

I found it hilarious and almost charming that the developers lace the description of this game with brutal honesty about their work. The only bugs the team will ever fix in the game are ones that cause crashes and functionality issues.

However, if you find that there is a glitch in a specific area that might make your goat behave abnormally, expect it to be part of the game for a while! It does seem a bit odd that you have to drop a fiver to pay for Goat Simulator and yet the developers don't care to fix the problems in the game. However, sometimes the glitches you find are half of the fun and hilarity!

Grand Theft Goat

The comical nature of the app is the number one reason why I downloaded Goat Simulator. I love that I can log into the game and have an hour of nonsensical gameplay without having to worry about hiding from enemies or avoiding any high-level mobs.

Another thing I absolutely love about this app is the lack of gore. There are plenty of scenarios when your goat could be part of a bloodbath, but fortunately, those gory graphics are left out!

Because the game is mostly for comedic purposes and doesn't have any gory graphics, it would be a perfect game to let your kids take out their silly energy on. However, make sure that they understand that the destruction they cause and the harm they bring to the goat in the game is not acceptable in real life.

Quest Glitches

One of my only complaints about the developers allowing glitches in the game is that it does tend to affect the playability of the game at times. It seems that when I complete a quest and finish up my gaming session that my progress is lost the next time I log into the game.

I wouldn't mind the bugs so much if they were all harmless visual or audio glitches. However, it does bother me when I cannot advance in a game that I paid for.

There are many things to enjoy about the Goat Simulator app, even some of the glitches that are allowed to live in the game. However, I hope that the issue with quest progression and point collection is remedied soon, as I don't know how much longer I can tolerate doing the same quests over and over again every day. Overall, if you love goats and having a good time, then you will definitely enjoy playing this game!

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Absolutely hilarious


Loses your Progress at times

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