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Play golf on your phone and drive your golf ball into space

Golf Orbit

I have to admit I’m a bigger fan of mini golf than golf. I just tried golf in real life once and it was really hard to play right. With mini golf everything was easier for me. You have small courses and can try out different strategies to reach the hole in a small amount of moves. I do enjoy occasional plays of Golf simulations though. Golf Orbit has another direction than most games.

Playing golf games are often addictive and extremely fun. I found this to be true with several golf apps. Golf Orbit is no exception. The game is addictive, has intense graphics, and overall very easy play ability.

The Game

You start out with the nominal, normal strength, speed and bounce. Once you start hitting though, once you hit the ball, you gain coins and points that go towards increasing the factors of strength, speed, and bounce. The download of Golf Orbit is a way to burn time, but you can also continue to challenge yourself. The swing power gauge is timed so you have to hit it just right to get the most out of your swing. The ball flies and goes through several obstacles. If it hits a hole-in-one, you get an eagle and your points increase massively. With the extra points, you purchase more elements that make your hit go further and with more bounce. As far as I could tell, there is no limit to the number of coins or the range of the three elements.

The Golf Addiction

Try putting this game. Go ahead. I dare you. Chances are, you won't be able to. The game builds on each previous hit so it's difficult to put it down and away. You want to keep challenging yourself and your previous score of points and coins. The game is addictive and easy to play. It's a great game to play on break during work, between classes, or waiting for the bus.

The Graphics on Mars

One would think Mars is similar to the movie Total Recall, with red dust, sand storms, and no oxygen. However, Golf Orbit does not subscribe to this view. You start out on a beautiful fairway, encounter well drawn bunkers, weird obstacles, houses, rocks, birds. All of those things you don't expect to see on Mars. The graphics in Golf Orbit are very intense, the colors and feel loud and attractive. The character you play is a bit cartoon-ish, but funny. The motion of the game is horizontal so you have to tip your mobile device to the horizontal angle.

The Playability

Golf Orbit is a very easy game to play. I picked it up right away, and I can see kids to adults playing the game. The game is fun for all ages. The play is based on challenging yourself and your previous score. This is what makes the game fun and addictive. Golf Orbit has everything you're looking for in a quick time eating game.


The only issue I have with the game is that it requires a subscription after the first three days. It will automatically enroll you in the subscription, too. I am jaded by games that do this; to trap the player pushes them away from the game. Luckily, it's a subscription that can be easily cancelled if you wish. Otherwise, it's $7.99 a weeek. A little steep for my pocketbook.

I found Golf Orbit to be very interesting and fun to play. I recommend it, but be careful of the subscription unless you really are into the game and want to play it constantly.

Golf Orbit Pros & Cons


Innovative Golf simulation


Subscription fee is quite pricy

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