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How did we exist without access to search engines. Do you know that feeling when you think of something and have it on the tip of your tongue, but it just won't come to mind. It bugs me a lot when something like that happens to me. I can't remember the name of a song, forgot which movie that celebrity was in, or can't think of a certain destination. I think search engines were invented for people like me - to ease their occupied minds a little.

Google has a lot of useful apps for Android and IOS that will help you organize your daily routine, enable you communicate or send mails, to translate into foreign languages and to find entertaining and educational videos. I use a lot of different google apps on my phone, and I'm quite happy with them. The Google app is a clever attempt to combine all of Google's Advantages and different capabilities into one smart app.

What is it for?

Basically, it's for everything. You can browse through the app and search. Search for everything you need or like and be sure to find a ton of useful and valuable information on any topic. Recommendations, Sports, News, Info - pretty much anything that you will find on the web.

Why not use your phones browser?

The more you use the Google app, the more it will adapt to your needs and interests. It gets smarter and smarter. With Discover, you have a powerful tool within the app, that will help you organize. Notifications about Weather, News, your beloved Artists and the possibility to be informed by any topic you follow. The app is a mixture between a personal assistant and a search engine.

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The app works seamlessly with other phone app, and the integrated browser. As an Imessage User for example you'll be able to perform searches without needing to leave the messenger. Android User will soon be able to benefit from this feature as well. The Lens will enable your phone to search what you see through the camera. Identify herbs, find clothing, translate signs and interact with everything you see.


The Google app features a lot of the things we benefit from by using different Apps or Services - but the interesting thing about it is that it combines them, into one smart app. So especially for older Users it simplifies the Usage and comes in very handy for all kinds of Searches. It could use more options to be personalized visually though. While some people prefer a dark or night mode, others would like to have a shining white background so that nothing distracts them from the search. But in my eyes that's just a minor flaw and I would give this powerful app a try, if I were you.

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More customization in the apps look would be nice

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