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I think teachers are working pretty hard. There is this common stereotype of the lazy or bored teacher that is not interested in his students and is torchering them with lots of unnecessary homework. But I think modern teachers have a whole new world ahead of them that they can use to interact with other teachers and their students. Due to technology you can prepare exciting lessons and have a good overlook over your classes.

Google Classroom would have been one of the most beneficial things for me as a student back in my day. The service is completely free for both students and teachers and fosters a supportive learning environment for anyone who might be struggling in class.

Now that I have my own children, I want to do everything I can to make sure that they are as successful as they can be when going to school. Initially, I wasn't so sure about downloading Google Classroom and how it could possibly be of any use, but I would soon find out that it was a gift from above!

If you are a teacher who wants to be able to reach out to your students more easily or a student who attends a school that uses the Google Classroom service, then make sure you try Google Classroom to improve your work.

Keeping Students Organized

I absolutely love the ways in which Google Classroom can keep my kids organized. No longer do we have to scrounge through the house in the morning to find someones lost homework!

Now, all of their homework and the materials they need to complete their assignments successfully are stored right in the Google Classroom app. That means more money to be saved by the school district, and the parents; because the app saves so much paper, it's even great for the environment too!

Open Lines Of Communication

My favorite aspect of the Google Classroom app is the ability for students and teachers to communicate freely with one another. Now, I have the peace of mind that if my child is struggling in class, they have a prompt and discreet way to address the issues they are having with their teacher.

Students can also use the app to communicate with one another on projects and special assignments. So, if your child is grounded or unable to make it to a study buddies house, they will still be able to do their part and communicate with their workgroup through Google Classroom.

Distraction Free

One of my biggest concerns before downloading Google Classroom was whether or not the app was going to have a lot of ads since you don't have to pay to obtain it.

Although it's a general rule that a free app means a plethora of commercial and ad interruptions, Google Classroom is thankfully ad-free and therefore doesn't distract your student or child with game ads or other video interruptions.

I love that the developers at Google have kept the distractions out of their educational apps. The last thing I need is my teenager downloading a game to play when they're supposed to be working on a school project or homework.

There are so many great things about Google Classroom, but unfortunately, it doesn't come without its flaws. Far too many times students and teachers alike have a difficult time working around bugs that will not show all of the assignments on a students app.

This could be a major problem, especially if you have a struggling student who needs to make up all the work they can to keep up with the class. However, with the development team being part of Google, I am sure it won't be long before someone is addressing the issue and creating a seamless experience for students, teachers, and parents once again.

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