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Google Duo - High Quality Video Calls

Sometimes I feel like we are living in a science fiction novel. In a shorter period than twenty years the whole mobile communication has developed and reinvented itself several times. While we used to text message or chat and celebrated that as an innovation in comparison with the good old landline, nowadays we have complex social media platforms and portable phones capable of high definition video calls. Simply amazing.

I have tried many messaging and social media apps in my day, but when I heard that Google took a shot at creating a service of their own I knew I had to download Google Duo to try it out.

Because Google is such a trusted household name, I knew that the features and benefits within the app had to be impressive. There are several really great things about using Google Duo to keep in touch with the people in my life who matter the most, but there are also some not so great things about the app. First, let me tell you about some of the things I really liked about Google Duo.

Incredible Video Quality

As I said, there are several messaging and video calling apps that I've tried over the years, so I've seen some really great video quality, and I've seen some of the worst you can imagine.

I wasn't quite sure which end of the spectrum the app would find itself on when I downloaded Google Duo initially, but the quality is more than I could have ever hoped for.

Now, instead of squinting and trying to see my loved ones through pixels and blurry images, I can enjoy crisp, clear video quality that allows me to see them as if they were sitting beside me. There is nothing more important to me than staying in touch with the ones I love, so being able to see them clearly is a crucial feature for me.

Knock, Knock! Who's There?

Have you ever been logged into one of your media apps and received a video call from someone who you couldn't remember, or perhaps you weren't sure who the username was attached to?

I for one have found myself in this situation more times than are comfortable, and it's never a fun situation when you answer those calls and find someone you would have rather screened!

When you use Google Duo to do your chatting, there is a feature known as knock-knock which will allow you to preview the incoming call before you answer it. Luckily, the person on the other end doesn't know that you're checking in to see who's there, so you won't have to worry about any awkward confrontations in the future.

Easy Navigation

I can't stand apps that use overcomplicated user interfaces that make it difficult to enjoy an app. There is nothing worse than downloading an app that makes you guess or do research on how to navigate the various controls. So, I was pleased to find that Google Duo is one of the most straightforward messaging apps I have ever had the pleasure of using, and it's free!

Everything about the user interface in Google Duo is easy to understand, so even your kids could use it comfortably if you wanted to download it on their phone or tablet. Elderly members of the family would also find Google Duo easy to use, as the interface is easy to read and straight to the point.

One of my biggest concerns with using Google Duo, however, is how quickly it drains the battery on my phone, even when I'm not using the app. Another problem I noticed in Google Duo was an occasional issue with the sound quality when more than one person is speaking. If my mother and I are having a conversation and I interject over her or vice versa, then the app will either mute us or significantly lower the volume of the call, which can be quite annoying. For a free application, Google Duo definitely does its job and is not much of a hassle if you can be patient with random audio bugs and a battery you need to constantly charge.

Google Duo - High Quality Video Calls Pros & Cons


Incredible Video Quality
Simple to use


Drains battery fast
Audio glitches when in group calls

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