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I always dreamt of a smart home. A sleek and modern loft where I can control everything with a single, simple remote. The music, the lights, the room temperature, the doors, the windows as well as my electronic devices like television and stereo. Little did eight year old me know that the future was around the corner. Smart Home is no stranger to our homes anymore. We can control everything with just a tap.

When I was a kid, the Jetsons was one of the most popular cartoons on TV; I know I'm showing my age, right? Anyway, what I loved most about the Jetsons was the amazing technology they used in their homes. If there was anything they wanted, all they had to do was press a button or say a voice command and out came Rosie with their request, or some other form of robotic device.

Though I'm sure we are several years away from any kind of robot servants living in anyone's home, there are still some incredible advances in technology that have made daily tasks so much easier.

If you are anything like my family and have all of the helpful Google devices around your house, then you should download Google Home on your phone or tablet like I did to help manage everything more easily.

Energy Saving

What I love most about using the Google Home app on my phone is that my husband and I can turn off the thermostat or turn it up significantly during the day while we're at work and turn it back to a comfortable temperature before we even get back to the house.

Being able to control our thermostat from any location means that we can save ourselves a lot of money on our electric bill by managing the temperature of our home when we're not there.

We live in one of the hottest areas of the United States near Houston, Texas, so having easy control of the air conditioner is a crucial element for comfortable living here.

Manage The Home Away From Home

With all of the different technological gadgets around the house, it's almost unnecessary for anyone to hire a house-sitter anymore. You don't have to worry about leaving a lamp on for a week if you head off for vacation either because as long as you have all the right Google Home gadgets, you can manage all of them right from your app no matter where you are.

I love having the peace of mind knowing that I can turn on and off lights in my home, check the temperature of the house, monitor security cameras, and more from the comfort of a hotel room on vacation. As long as I am somewhere that has Wifi, I am able to manage all of the gadgets connected to my Google Home app.

Better Than Clap On

Do you remember those commercials from the early 90s? Clap on, clap off! Essentially the clapper was made for people who didn't want to get up and walk across the room to turn off a light if they were comfortable in bed or on the couch.

With the Google Home app, I don't have to get up to turn on any of my lights, change the temperature on the thermostat, or see who is at the door, because I can do it all from the app on my phone!

Although it does foster an environment of laziness, the Google Home app has simplified things in our home so much, I really don't know what we did before we had it!

Overall, I would recommend this app to anyone that has a lot of the Google Home devices around there home, or if you are starting out with your collection of techie trinkets. Having the Google Home app on my phone has given me a lot of peace of mind when we are away from the house, and has really brought our electric bill down because of all the different things we can turn off and on while we're away.

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