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My family has thousand of old photo albums. My dad loves to take analogue photos and has several old cameras. The albums take up a lot of space and are hard to organize. It takes up a lot of time. I introduced my dad to digital photography recently. He is a big fan of the possibilities and so he and might start to digitize his analogues one day. So it’s cool that there are nice apps that’ll help you store and organize your photos - digital or analogue.

I've always had an affinity for photography, but the ability to keep thousands of images organized wasn't always as simple as it is now. I knew that I had to download Google Photos when I saw all of the amazing features provided by the app.

I knew that I could trust the service because of Googles name being behind it, so that was an important factor for me as well. After all, who wants to use a service they can't trust to upload and manage their most precious family photos? If you tend to take a ton of pictures with your phone or tablet, then you must start using Google Photos to make the most out of your photography experience.

Share Albums With Family And Friends

One of my favorite features of the Google Photos app is that I can choose to send individual pictures or complete albums to family and friends. My mother and aunt's love to use Shutterfly and services like that which take your pictures and print them on blankets and mugs and other random giftable items, so I knew they would go nuts of Google Photos too.

Having Google Photos on my phone means that no matter what I am doing I can quickly and easily share pictures of my experience with the people I love the most.

Receive Stylized Photos

Although I'd love to say that my Photoshop classes from high school stuck, I am not the greatest at stylizing photos. The Google Photos app will stylize any picture you choose with ease, but I love when the app chooses a picture at random to stylize for me.

Shortly after downloading the Google Photos app, my husband and I went on a romantic getaway to San Antonio, Texas, and I took a ridiculous amount of pictures while we were visiting the city. One of my favorite moments from that trip was sharing a few cocktails with my husband at the fine dining restaurant at the top of the Tower of the America's at sunset.

About a week after our trip, I received a notification about a stylized photo and was so surprised to see a stunningly stylized rendition of a picture of the sunset overlooking San Antonio.

You will be surprised at how often you see beautiful pictures from the precious moments you've shared with your loved ones. It's almost as if the app knows exactly which pictures we will enjoy the most!

Fond Memories

The best feature of Google Photos has to be the fun little reminders it sends you from the albums stored in the cloud. You might get a picture from your child's birthday party the previous year, or a reminder of that first date you took with your now fiance. No matter what Google Photos decides to pop up and surprise you with, it's sure to bring a smile to your face or even a chuckle at an old joke you had forgotten about.

Google Photos is one of the most used apps on my phone, and I couldn't ask for better service. The developers are quick to respond with any issues I have within the app, and the navigation is straightforward and comfortable to use.

Another notable benefit to having Google Photos downloaded onto your device is the amount of room you will save. All of the photos you take can be saved to the Google Cloud and safely stored so that your device does not become bogged down or overloaded with picture files.

I would highly recommend Google Photos to anyone who takes a lot of pictures on their phone or for anyone who wants to be able to stylize their photos with ease.

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