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Google Slides is a Free Tool that enables you to do custom presentations for business and hobby. You can share and collaborate easily and import and edit PowerPoint files. No matter what kind of presentation you have to work on, Google Slides has got your back. You can work professionally on your mobile and export the finished presentations in a various different formats.

If you've ever had to create a powerpoint presentation, then you know just how confusing they can be to orchestrate at times. There are tons of people who could benefit from an app that would simplify the power point process for both students and professionals alike.

I was recently scouring through the play store on my phone, looking for such an app to help me and my husband prepare presentations for our clients.

Of course, I had to download Google Slides when I found it, and for free no less! I was so excited to have found a solution to my ever-nagging problem of having to create these immaculate slide shows without a single clue as to how to do it properly.

Writing Is Saved As You Type

If there could only be one thing that drove me to complete insanity, then it would be when technology fails me, and I lose all the written work I had completed up until that point.

I was so relieved to find that any documents I may be working on while using Google Slides will be automatically saved as I type new information. So, this means that if I am writing out a lengthy slide and something happens with the device I am working on, I can easily find my work safely tucked away in the app, right where I left off.

Work From Anywhere

One of the things I love about apps like Google Slides is having the ability to work from any location, whether it be at work, home, or on the go. There have been several opportunities where I may have gotten in trouble at work or let my team down by not being there to work on a presentation with them.

When I downloaded Google Slides, it gave me the peace of mind that if something prevented me from being at work, that I could still support my team and pull my own weight on the project.

If you are a student who seems to find themselves sick in bed quite often or a professional who is constantly traveling for work, then you would most definitely benefit from Google Slides.

Go Off The Grid

Sometimes, you just need to turn the device on airplane mode, crank up your music, and get lost in your project all by yourself. That's why I love the addition of an offline mode in Google Slides.

If you can't get anything done on a project because your coworkers or friends keep blowing up your phone, then simply go offline so that you can continue on with your work without the annoying and disruptive distractions.

Another great reason for having an offline capability in the app is that you can continue to work on the plane if you tend to travel a lot. I can recall a few examples of when it would have been really helpful to have an app that would allow me to access all of my work while having no internet connection.

Millions of student's and professionals have chosen to use Google Slides to simplify the process of creating immaculate powerpoint presentations. Now that I have started using Google Slides on my phone, I can see what all the fuss is about! I have created more stunning content with Google Slides than I ever did with powerpoint on its own.

If you are a traveling professional, or student with a sprawled out study group who needs to finish up a project for class, then you must get Google Slides to make your life a bit easier. I don't know how I did my presentations before Google Slides.

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