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Translate between more than 100 languages to communicate with everybody. The camera mode will translate everything you see via AR. Augmented reality that will show you the translated results immediately on your screen. Signs, letters, flyers and much more. The conversation mode is perfect for talks with friends from abroad. A perfect travel companion that will help you to communicate and get rid of any language barrier.

Technology has given us so many helpful and life-altering things, but the most exciting gift of all has to be the ability to talk with other people who do not share our language.

Google Translate is changing the way we communicate with people all over the world and helping us to comprehend written foreign languages as well.

Although the Google Translate app would be perfect for many situations, the primary use of the tool will more than likely be for those who travel to foreign countries frequently, or those learning an unfamiliar language.

If you or someone in your household would benefit from the convenience of having text or speech translated for them, then make sure to head to the play store to download Google Translate.

Translate Anytime, Anywhere

Our main concern when testing out the Google Translate app, was whether or not it would be feasible to use the service when you are out in the middle of nowhere, perhaps backpacking across Europe?

To our surprise, we found that not only can you use the app just about anywhere you go, but you don't even have to be connected to your provider or internet service to translate.

Because you don't have to worry about a Wi-fi connection, you have far more freedom when traveling; for example, if you wanted to hike through a mountainous area with a remote village, you can greet people with ease using the app, even if you don't have a signal on your device.

Using The Camera On Your Device To Translate

You're probably thinking how on earth can the camera on your phone or tablet do any good with translating. Well, you're in for a pleasant surprise, because yet again Google has smashed our expectations out of the park.

If you are in an unfamiliar country and don't speak the language, talking to natives of that area is not your only reason for concern. There are many reasons why one might need a translator when traveling, and one of the primary reasons is to read signs and other relevant texts.

All you have to do is open the Google Translate app and point the camera at a sign or another piece of text in which you need help deciphering. Within moments, you'll have the answer you seek on your screen!

Speak Freely

What fun is traveling if you can't get to know the people that live in the area? Not only is it difficult to communicate when you don't speak another nation's language, but it can come off as disrespectful if you do nothing to try to talk to people.

Luckily, the creators of the Google Translate app made sure that no matter where you go, you'll be able to speak freely with those around you.

Just download Google Translate, open the speech recognition feature and hold the device between you and the person you are speaking with. As each person talks to the other, the application will translate in text for the other person to read in their mother tongue.

There is nothing more freeing than being able to communicate with people all over the world. Now you don't have to fear that backpacking trip, or the vacation to China or Europe you always wanted to take.

Another intriguing feature of the app is the drawing option. You can use your finger to write or draw symbols in the app to attempt to decipher their meanings. Keep in mind, however, that your drawing may not look enough like the symbol to translate it, so you'll have to draw the letters or symbols as clearly and precisely as you are able.

Google Translate Pros & Cons


Translate anything, anywhere
No internet connection required
AR Function and Conversation mode


Translation tend to be a bit rough

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