This Granny will visit you in your nightmares



I love horror games. They are the most immersive game experience you can have. In Granny - the rules are quite easy, but it makes it even more horrifying. Granny locked you in your room and won’t leave you out. You have to find a way to escape. But beware - if you make any noise Granny will hear you and come running to get you. Your only chance to survive is to hide under the bed or in the closet. Will you survive for 5 days?

There is just something about the horror game genre that leaves players wanting to come back for more, and one of the most horrific titles in the app store right now is Granny. Although the title might make you think of baking cookies, eating treats and being doted over by a loving family member, you would be terribly mistaken in this case.

Granny is one of those terrifying games that put things into a realistic scenario for you. You are stuck in Granny's house, and you only have 5 days to make it out of her murderous clutches alive!

If you are ready to take your horror gaming to another level, make sure to head to the play store on your device to download Granny and start working on your escape!

Simple, Yet Scary!

The most important aspect of any horror game is to ensure that the players working through the game have a few decent scares along the way, and the development team for Granny does not disappoint in this area! Although the house is dark and rife with shadows, making your escape somewhat tricky indeed, the controls in which you are given to maneuver the place is straightforward and easy to master. Because you don't have to waste a lot of thought or energy on getting the movement controls down, you have much more time to fear what is around the next dark corner! The only other thing you have to worry about when playing Granny is keeping as quiet as possible. If you make one false move and drop something on the floor, Granny will appear as if from nowhere and slaughter you before you know it!

Keeping Things Fresh

One of the downfalls of a lot of horror games is that they don't see a lot of updates or changes to the gameplay. If you are tired of playing the same levels of the same games over and over again, then you need a new horror title in your library!

The team at DVloper make sure to keep Granny feeling fresh and new by adding modes, seasonal events, and other random additions to the game that will keep you jumping out of your skin and coming back for more action!

Because the development team takes such care and time with keeping Granny up to date, there isn't much time for you to get bored with the game, and that is always a plus in our book!

Realistic Hiding Places

If you haven't picked up on it already, Granny isn't a game you can complete without having to hunker down and find a place to wait her out. Just like in a horror movie, you will have to find places to hide in Granny's house where she can't see you, and you'll need to stay extra quiet as you wait for her to move past you.

Typically, when playing games where you have to hide, you are limited to crouching behind objects or crawling on the floor under something. In Granny, you have the freedom to do just about anything you would in real life. This means that if your character runs past a standing wardrobe and you need to hide quickly, you can open the doors and step inside just as you would if you were actually there!

Granny is one of our favorite horror games to share with you from the play store! There is nothing negative to say about this game other than that you have to contend with ads every now and then; but, to be honest, you might enjoy the break from all the jump scares that await you when you download Granny!

Granny Pros & Cons


Simply terrifying
Hard to put down
Realistic hiding places


Nothing I can think off, except it might cause you Nightmares

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