Guns of Glory

Rise as a leader and win the war.

Would you ever have imagined ten years ago, that you would be able to play complex strategic massive multiplayer online games on your phone? I didn’t see that one coming. I do love games and I play a lot of them, and have been for the past years. But that you would be able to experience stunning visuals on your phone and compete with other players no matter where you are?

RTS, or real-time strategy, has been one of the most significant gaming genre's for quite some time now. One of the first titles I ever played in the category was Blizzard's StarCraft, but I soon grew tired of the science fiction heavy gameplay.

For a while, I didn't play any real-time strategy games, but recently I have found myself missing the stimulating strategic warfare that takes place in just about every RTS game I've ever played.

I was hoping to find something that felt more historical and less like a sci-fi movie, so I was pleased to have found Guns Of Glory in the play store. The game is filled with historical weapons like cannons, swords, and muzzleloader rifles, so I feel as though I'm playing with original weapons of warfare.

Build An Empire

In so many of the RTS games on the market, players are expected to build defenses around a military base or unique resource to protect their assets at all costs against their foes.

When you download Guns Of Glory, you will have the opportunity to create an entire kingdom full of everything one would need to rule over a land successfully. You will need to make sure that your people are taken care of and protected against any ill-intending visitors that might pop up at any moment.

The development team at Diandian Interactive Holding clearly wanted to give the players a realistic experience when defending their empire. You can choose from many different old-school armaments like cannons, swords, and even archers who will risk it all to defend your territory.

You will even have the opportunity to expand your territory by creating alliances with neighboring empires, which are managed by players from all over the world!

Manage Troops

When I play a strategy game, I always look for one that will have plenty of ways that I can customize my army, weapons, and structures. I downloaded Guns of Glory because of the promise of incredibly extensive means in which you can customize your game. Not only will you have the ability to upgrade weapons and fortify your structures, but you will also be able to manage massive airships that will carry troops who will fight for you from the air.

There are two different ways to make your airship stronger, and that is by adding assault components and guardian components. What I've always loved about RTS games is that you always have the freedom to switch things up if your setup isn't working out, and there are plenty of options in this game.

Misleading Ads

I was disheartened to find a very different game than the one I thought I discovered in the play store. When watching the advertisements for Guns of Glory, it appears as though you will have nearly endless strategic choices to make when in battle.

In reality, all the decisions you will make regarding your weapons, troops, and estate will have to be completed before the battle begins. Although I felt a bit duped at the time, I suppose there are far worse things that could go wrong with the game.

Once I started playing Guns Of Glory, I quickly learned that it was not as free-to-play as advertised either. It's very difficult to advance in the game if you don't spend real dollars on items in the in-game store.

The development team has made it nearly impossible for players who want to play the game without spending any money to progress past a certain level.

Overall, Guns of Glory is a decently made strategy game with loads of entertaining gameplay, it just might not be exactly what you are expecting if you saw the same ads I did.

Guns of Glory Pros & Cons


Decent strategy game
Entertaining gameplay


Very hard to level up without In-app purchases
You can"t switch your strategy in a current battle

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