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It’s time to draw a line - fill up the glass

Happy Glass

It’s always good to find a good and casual game for all the times when you want a few minutes off all the stress. Casual games are such a good invention. There are so many occasions where you can use them. To distract yourself, to spend some time that you would spend with waiting instead, to fight any little feeling ice boredom. Happy Glass is indeed a tricky and challenging game, but is it really worth the download?

I took physics in high school, college, and to this day, I have not used one bit of knowledge I gained in that class. And then I played the download of Happy Glass. This game is an addictive and fun way to exercise your brain.

The Game

Your character is a simple empty glass. Pouring from a pipe that looks like the famous green pipes from Super Mario Brothers is water. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to draw a line with a pencil that allows the most water volume to fill the glass. Once the glass is filled, the glass is smiling and you collect your award of stars. Sounds easy, right? It's not! The glass changes angles, and the obstacles bounce the water off in different directions...filling or knocking the glass off.

Happy! Happy! Happy!

While frustrating, I don't think you will put this game down. It definitely challenges everything you know about weight, physics, science. This game is a brain exercise and you are not even aware your brain is being prodded to function. As you go further into the game, it becomes more difficult which is pure frustration. You will ask yourself: why am I continuing? Why do I keep torturing myself? One reason: you are trapped by a game that teases your brain while fun at the same time.

The game has a minimal amount of ads, but if you want more stars, you are prompted to watch a quick ad video. The game must have a connection to the Lumosity app because most of the ads are messages regarding said app. I believe this game is similar to the brain teasers on Lumosity, but once again, you're oblivious of this tactic because of the fun.

I recommend this game to any student or adult who thinks they can trick the flow of water in the smiling glass. In addition, be prepared for multiple glasses that need to be filled at the same time. The game pulls out all the stops when it comes to physics and science.

The graphics are pretty simple with a grid backdrop, and not much else. But the graphics won't matter after about three levels. You concentrate on the pencil making the line. Feeling overly challenged? Hit the "hint" button for a direction as to where to put the line to get the flow of water in the best method. However, with the hint comes an ad video. Like most games, the bills need to be paid, but the ads are not multiple and as far as I've encountered, they are pretty quick.

I'm keeping this game as it is addictive and a good time consumer. It's just right for those who want to exercise their brain. I can see it used in school, teaching kids about physics and the flow of water. Since it's a good brain exercise, I can also see it used with those suffering from brain or memory damage. Overall, I highly recommend the app to anyone else who may not have used their physics lessons in 20 years.

Happy Glass Pros & Cons


Adequate Physics
Fun Gameplay


Can be very tricky sometimes

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