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When I was eight years old my family made a big trip over our summer vacation. We went to a farm on the country. As a city kid I had no contact to the farm living before so it was a real exciting vacation for me. We learned everything about farming and had a lot of fun watching all the farm animals like cows and chickens. And the food was amazing. The best, most fresh and healthy food I ever had.

In this day and age, it seems that nearly every form of media entertainment is saturated with oversexed characters, drugs, and violence. Although this really isn't anything new, it's nice to get a break from the heaviness of it every now and then.

I enjoy playing games that keep things lighthearted and fun while leaving out mature innuendos and any other R rated content, which is precisely the reason I downloaded Hay Day in the first place. Another reason I was so keen to play Hay Day is that it isn't just another cookie cutter matching puzzle game.

Just because I want to play something lighthearted and fun doesn't mean that I want to be chained to one genre of a mobile game either. Hay Day offers tons of fun for gamers of any age and skill level, so it's also an entertaining family-friendly option for kids.

Trading Goods

My favorite part about playing Hay Day is the authentic farm experience the title offers its players. Not only will you have the opportunity to build your very own town from the ground up, but you will also be able to manage and maintain a farm to help it thrive.

Trading items in Hay Day can make things significantly easier to complete unique missions and quests to progress your story. When you plant crops in Hay Day, you can harvest them to use in recipes to make special items, or you can put them up in the trading post to help other players reach their goals.

Challenges Keep Things Fresh

I have played a few different farming simulator games like Hay Day, so I had a certain expectation going into the game. Much like the other titles in the genre, players will have specific goals they need to reach in order to progress their story and build onto their farm or town.

The more challenges you can complete, the more coins you will accumulate for purchasing crops, structures, decorations, animals, and so much more! Because the developers add these little missions to the gameplay, there is far more playability to Hay Day than originally meets the eye.

No Pressure Farming

I can remember some of the original farming games having a time limit on how long you could allow your crops to sit before they would start to dissipate and die.

Luckily, you don't have to worry about logging into Hay Day at specific times because your crops will never go bad after you've planted them. This means that if you get busy and forget to log into the game for a few days, there isn't going to be a wasted mess when you get back into the swing of things.

Overall, Hay Day is one of my favorite new games to play on my phone and tablet because of its stress-free gameplay. Not only do you get to enjoy never-ending sunny skies in Hay Day, but you also have the opportunity to meet fun-loving gamers just like you in the Facebook community.

There, you can find other farmers who need help with tasks around their farm, trade goods with someone who has something you need to complete a task, or simply make new friends by reaching out and telling them what you think of their farm!

There are so many ways to enjoy Hay Day, but my favorite part is having a drama-free and violence-free game to relax with. It's not often that you can find a game that doesn't have a lot of blood and gore so I couldn't be happier with the sunshiney presence Hay Day brings to my day!

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