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I love to call my friends to check in. A lot of them live far away or abroad, and it's always nice to hear or see what's going on in their lives. Recently my best buddy in Beijing got his first child. It was so nice to see how happy he was when his wife and kid arrived safely at home from the hospital. We had a good conversation and it felt like I was sharing their experience to a great deal.

Communication is a big part of the modern world we live in. We do it everyday, world wide. Follow the stories of other people, send letters, e-mails, make calls or share and post what moves us. No wonder there is a rising number of tools that compete about who offers the best service and the most users.

What's the Fuzz all about?

Imo Video Calls and Chat HD is naming what it is offering in its title already. It offers Video Calls and messaging. That's it. Pretty and simple. While I can hear a fair ammount of you screaming - What the heck? - That simplicity is also what's making Imo so special. It's stripped down to the basics, which is a delight in comparison to other apps that drown us in specials, features and enhancements just to woe us in.


The app is designed pretty simple. You can either chat, group chat or Video Call everybody in your contacts or by entering a valid number. The Audio Quality was quite decent in our test calls, while we experienced some minor lags in the test video calls. Recent reports state that some Samsung mobile users experience bugs in Audio Calls as well.

Huge Community & limited Availability

Even though the User Community of Imo reached more than 500 million, a lot of Users recently reported that they experience some problems with Imos availability in certain countries. The development team works hard to make their service accessible everywhere.


If you want a real simple app to communicate with friends and family Imo might just be what you are looking for. If you expect a broad variety of features and options that competing apps don't have, you might need to try another app.

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Simple design
Call quality


Availability issue in some countries

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