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I absolutely love to take pictures. I have thousands of them on my phone. Growing up, I used my mums old analog camera to take pictures. We would wait impatiently at the drugstore to get our negatives and the developed pictures. It was funny because you never knew what to expect. There ware some odd family pictures, I can tell you. With the power of social media and our smartphones being capable of professional pictures and editing its fun to share.

Instagram has been the leader of photo sharing social media apps for a couple of years. Their growing community is creative and vivid, and the app attracts more and more users. What started out as a simple photo sharing app, is now a strong social media tool, with enhanced features.

Snap & Chat

To be able to compete with other social media communities Instagram is continuously developing the mobile app, adding features well known from other platforms. Besides being a camera app with the possibility to take, edit and style your pictures, it has a improved messaging feature, enabling you to get in touch with Users you know or like. It also features 3d masks and the Stories tool, where you can share short Videos and Gifs with texts and stickers, that will be published for 24 hours.

Workflow with multiple apps

There are numerous apps that will work seamlessly with Instagram, giving you the possibilty to take your social media game to the next level. Schedule your posts, make cool collages, add stylish text and special effects to your stories, or create hip contents like Boomerangs and memes.

Full blown photo editing

Instead of just having some simple tools to crop your pictures, Instagram offers more options to enhance your pictures than a lot of standalone photo apps. Apply filters, adjust settings, rotate the axis, shoot video up to 60 seconds and much much more.


Instagram is a top notch app. It's hard to avoid if you are interested in social media just a teeny tiny bit. Even though the app includes a ton of useful features it remains to look really easy on the eye. The modern, stylish and simple interface is a joy to work with and is much more appealing than Facebooks latest design. If you download Instagram you will get a powerful social media tool that you can use for multiple purposes - for business, for reaching out to a cool community, for getting in touch with friends or just for fun. The possibilities are endless. A minor criticism might be, that you need to install a few apps seperately if you want to create new and creative content. But maybe thats how the main app is still looking easy and accessible.

Instagram Pros & Cons


A powerful photo editor
Simple, easy design
Works seamless with other social media apps


For some functions you'll have to install different apps
Photoshop nerds might use other software to edit

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