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Microsoft Excel is simply put the most popular Spreadsheet software out there. For good reason also, it is one of Microsoft's flagship products that exists & is continually improved since the 90's. That is hard to beat for any competitor. Not even Google Sheets offers the same functionality as Excel, and that says something. Excel is traditionally used for everything from personal budgets, over small business accounting to Enterprise grade project tracking.

Excel Collaboration Tools

With Excel you can create teams and collaborate with others on spreadsheets.

Multiple people can work on a sheet at the same time, which makes it ideal not just in a business setting but flexible enough to also be used in more mundane tasks like for example a grocery list, and the whole family can participate. It is extremely simple to share spreadsheets with others, who can then edit the sheet from any device that is logged into their Microsoft account.

You can assign specific access rights to each person, for example some team member will only need read access, while others need also to be able to write and edit spreadsheets you created.

All this and more can easily be accomplished with Excels excellent collaboration tools.

Create Meaningful Charts

Once you've entered some data into your sheet, while the data can be really anything, you can create beautiful charts & graphs from these data points.

Need to visualize some financial calculations, like for example a monthly expenses vs. revenue report? Great, simply highlight both of these columns and then tap on the "line Graph" option, select a style for your chart and you're done.

Exactly this kind of flexibility is what sets Excel apart from others. Excel can be as easy, or complex as you need it to be.

It is possible to create highly complex scientific calculations with Excel that you probably only understand with at least three doctorates, but at the same time it can be as easy as our example above.

Cross-Device Spreadsheets

Since Excel is available on many different devices, it only makes sense that everything is completely independent. But at the same time also fully integrated. For example, say you've started some kind of calculation on your PC, but now you need to be able to pick up where you left off on another device, for example your iPad. No problem, as long as you're logged into the same Microsoft account, or have sufficient shared access, you can simply pick up at exactly the point where you left it on your PC.

This can make you highly productive, as you can simply get some work done while you're waiting for the bus or literally anywhere else.

You don't even need internet access, in cases where you have a bad connection or no connection at all you can simply finish your work and save. Whenever you regain your connection, it will be synced with the Microsoft servers and your changes will be available on all your other devices as well.


If you need to do any kind of data entry, calculations or simply keep track of X's and Y'z, Excel is most likely the right tool for the job.

It is not free, but nowadays there are many great offers out there that include a subscription to Office 365, which also includes Excel.

Microsoft Excel Pros & Cons


Full power of Excel also on mobile
Cross-device capable


Some functions have a steep learning curve
Big spreadsheet files can feel slow

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