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Microsoft Word - Write, Edit & Share Documents

Microsoft Word: Write, Edit & Share Docs on the Go

Microsoft Word is the ultimate writing software and is being used everywhere from professional authors to businesses worldwide.

With Microsoft Word for mobile you have all of the same functionality at your fingertips that you know from the Word software on your computer.

You can easily write, edit and also collaborate with others on any of your documents. The export allows for PDF exports, .doc and more.

Collaboration With Team Members

Microsoft Word for mobile lets you create teams and share any of your documents with whole teams, or specific team members.

Each person can have customized access rights, such as read-only. Members with write access can actually make edits, that you can see in real-time.

That makes it super easy to complete simple tasks like planning a small party at your house, to monumental tasks like they are common in Enterprise grade businesses.

Each edit, is saved as an individual history entry of the document. This allows for anyone with the sufficient access rights, to revert any edit to it's original state and nothing ever goes missing.

Cross-Device Workspaces

Another great thing about Microsoft Word for mobile is, that you can easily start working o a document on one device and then pick up on another.

Imagine you're working on some document from home, but you can't finish it in time. Easy, just save it and then pick up while riding the bus or train to work for example.

The document will always be available to you, all you need is a Word installation or Office 365 installation where you're signed in with your user account.

Mobile usability

Working with Word on a mobile device with limited screen size, can be a bit challenging at first.

But you will find that Microsoft did a great job to make it easy to accomplish pretty much any edit with a simple tap or swipe motion.

it is very intuitive, for example to remove an image that you inserted, simple tap on it and then tap the delete button that appeared after the first tap.

You can share, assign, or save documents in the same manner. Everything works with a few simple tap and/or swipe motions.


At first I thought Microsoft Word wouldn't be the same when used on a mobile device. But I'm happy to report that I was wrong in my original assumption.

Sure, having a small screen does make things a little awkward at times, but you can accomplish any of the tasks just as easily on a mobile device than on a computer. It does have a small learning curve involved, but nothing that requires a lot of practice.

Microsoft Word Pros & Cons


Full feature-set on mobile
Easy to create new documents & export them


Formatting a bulk of text is not so easy and requires a bit of luck when highlighting text

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