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A world wide phenomenon- Netflix streaming service changed the way people watch TV nowadays. With a fast growing library of content Netflix offers the latest tv series sensations, documentaries, reality tv and kids content for a relatively reasonable monthly price. Netflix doesn't just offer a great content library, but for the past few years they've been known to produce one hit after the other, all in-house.

Netflix is hard to avoid these days. If you wanna join our colleagues and friends in gossip and discussion about your favorite Tv Show and series finale, you might want to get a Netflix plan - if you’re not already having one.

The Netflix app is free to download but only usable with a valid Netflix subscription, starting at $8.99 monthly.

The Content Library

Netflix features tons of content. May it be romantic comedies, horror movies, a documentary about nature, or a show about baking - Netflix has it alls. Due to their algorithm you get recommendations based on your likes and taste. Which sounds like a perfect feature has some disadvantages to it. You might miss out on some content that doesn’t match your data and it’s really complicated to navigate through the huge and fast growing library, especially on a small phone screen.

The Controls

You navigate through the app with a set of black buttons at the bottom of the screen. It’s simple and easy to browse through the titles, everything looks sleek and nice, and the movie posters stand out for a better overview in comparison to the controls. Personally I prefer the design from other streaming apps like HBO Now or the Starz app, but Netflix sets a good standard, everybody can work with.

Video Quality

Netflix works best with a good WiFi connection. The playback will start immediately with no pauses or freezes in between so that you can enjoy every content. With a mobile connection your video will be automatically adjusted due to your internet speed, which can make the video quality a bit blurry or include occasional stops of you experience very low data connection. But With a decent phone plan I experienced hardly any interruption even on the go. Depending on your subscription plan and the content you selected you can experience resolution up to 4K Ultra HD, which is cool especially for visual exciting content like science fiction or nature documentaries.

Features & Slight Disadvantages

For selected content you also have additional features like download possibility, so that you can watch in plane mode, you can rate all titles easily and if you have a big subscription plan you can share with your family and watch over the phone even while someone else is logged into the app elsewhere. Automated downloads for new episodes and notifications for your favorite shows are nice features as well.

A slight disadvantage is that neither the app nor Netflix inform you about changes in their library, so that you never know when a show might be erased from the library due to some licensing problem.


I’m a happy Netflix customer. I use their streaming service at home and love the features of the mobile app. If they would find a way to explore all the content of their library a bit easier, and not only by recommendations from their algorithms it would be a huge advantage for me. But their app is top notch in any way.

Netflix Pros & Cons


Great content
Fair pricing
Access to exclusive content


Netflix has been known to block even legitimate uses of VPNs

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