Pet Rescue Saga

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Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga

Hours and hours I used to crush Sweets. Wherever I went. On train rides. In the car, the bus and yes - even on the bike. It was just too addictive to stop. I mastered level after level til I couldn't have candy anywhere near me. Wat was good for my diet, was bad for my gaming addiction. I'm pretty pleased to see there's new stuff from the inventors of Candy Crush. This time it is fluffy, cute and hard to resist - it's PETS!

King Games is one of the leading development teams for mobile games in the play store, especially in the matching puzzle genre. However, with the addition of more and more of the same games, there have to be some differences somewhere.

Although King is doing all they can to spruce up the genre with games like Pet Rescue Saga, it seems as though the leading team is beginning to teeter at the top of the totem pole.

I downloaded Pet Rescue Saga with the expectation that the addition of rescuing adorable animals would give the game a refreshing feel. Although I did enjoy the cute creatures, there were a few disappointing aspects of the game.

Frequently Added Content

One of the saving graces to Pet Rescue Saga is that the game receives fresh levels every two weeks. This means, that if nothing else, there is tons of playability to the game which means that you won't get sick of the selection of puzzles anytime soon.

Now, keep in mind that every time the developers add a new level it is meant to increase the difficulty to the game. So, if you are not the strongest with the more challenging matching puzzles, you may find the higher levels to be a bit frustrating in Pet Rescue Saga.

Impossible Levels

I understand the necessity for increasing difficulty of levels, but when you start developing levels that are impossible to complete there is a major problem!

The aim of Pet Rescue Saga is to break combinations of blocks that will release an animal from the clutches of evil pet snatchers. When you have to rescue a specific number of pets, but the game doesn't give you any animals to save it makes the game impossible to beat, which is not acceptable by any means.

I have high hopes for the game as King is one of the leading names in the industry, but it seems as though for now, they have a lot of work to do on their end game content.

Items Locked By Paywall

In most games, creators will give players specific tasks to complete to earn in-game currency, items, boosts, and other things. Pet Rescue Saga is no exception to this, however, they are one of the first games I have ever known to ask players to pay real money to unlock the rewards they should receive automatically.

When you earn coins in Pet Rescue Saga they go into a virtual piggy bank. Once that piggy bank is full the game asks you to spend a few dollars to open it up and receive your coins. It seems rather silly to me that an item earned through gameplay is not given freely.

Overall, Pet Rescue Saga has an adorable concept with characters and graphics to match. Although King has done some great things for the matching puzzle genre, it seems as though the development team may be allowing themselves to become complacent when it comes to creating epic games for their customers.

Hopefully, the minor problems in Pet Rescue Saga are simply a fluke and will be fixed in a few patches. After all, they have so many successful games on the market already.

If you decide to download Pet Rescue Saga, keep in mind that there is some work that needs done with the end levels of the game. If you can be patient while the developers at King work on the problems in the game, then you will most certainly have a great time playing Pet Rescue Saga!

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Highly addictive


Hard to level up/earn rewards, without paying real money
Not a lot of new things in the gameplay

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