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Pocket City

I was always fascinated by building stuff. From lego to watching the big building sites in the city, I couldn't hide my excitement for creating unimaginable things literally out of nothing. With just a few ingredients a builder is able to construct the highest towers, complete cities out of nowhere. But instead of doing the heavy lifting myself, or being on a dusty site all day, I discovered that you can build whole empires while you're chilling in the comfort of your home.

Some of my favorite games to play include building a business, redecorating a home, or creating structures and landscapes in a virtual world. When I downloaded Pocket City, I couldn't have been more excited about the features and benefits of the game!

One of the most disheartening features of most city-builders is that you only have a specific amount of moves before you have to log out and wait an insane amount of time until you can perform a task again.

I was so pleased to see that Pocket City has one low fee to download, and everything is completion based from there! No pesky microtransactions, no ads for other games or subscription fees, just completing quests and tasks for money to keep building your dream city!

If You Build It...

You know how the phrase goes; if you build it, they will come. Once your city starts rocking and rolling, the inhabitants and economy will start booming right with it. I love that the game runs as an actual city would; build a stable community with plenty of jobs, housing, and entertainment along with all the other necessities of daily life and keep the people happy and healthy!

The more you build in your city, the more people will come to populate it. It may sound like playing Pocket City is difficult to manage if you are new to the genre, but the developers have features in place to help you succeed!

Management Is Key

Managing a city can be quite overwhelming, so I was pleasantly relieved to see that many easily read charts and figures map out precisely what's happening in your town.

Does your economy have enough jobs to support your entire population? Do you have the proper emergency personnel in place in case something happens? What about housing? You don't want half of your community to be homeless, do you?

All of the considerations which should be made to keep a city safe, happy, and healthy are available to you when you download Pocket City. Because the game shows you what needs work in your town and what doesn't, you can make smarter decisions on how to spend your in-game currency on new structures and services.

View The City In Layers

If you've ever played a city-builder before, you know how crowded and challenging to navigate the map can become. One of the things that frustrates me the most is when I can't see everything clearly throughout the city when there is a problem I need to fix.

For example, if one of the charts shows that I have a traffic jam somewhere, how am I supposed to find it without moving around half of the building on my map?

Luckily, Pocket City has the solution for just such an issue! When your city starts to thrive, and the buildings begin to block out roads and neighborhoods, go to the building option and select the layer of the map you want to pull to the top. This means that if you have a traffic jam, you can choose to see the roads and every other feature of the map will fade to the background.

There are so many things to love about Pocket City that it's difficult to find a starting point! The graphics are amazingly colorful and smooth, the controls are easy to manage, and the building mechanics are simple enough that even a child could play.

If you're anything like me and you love losing yourself for hours in a game where you become the master of an ever-evolving city, then you can't miss out on playing Pocket City on your tablet or smartphone.

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Map adjusts when everything gets cluttered
Easy controls
No in app purchases


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