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Skype is a reliable and popular Video Chat and Communication app. With Skype you can connect to friends and contacts all over the world for free. You can either Video Chat, Text Chat, share gifs and emojis or engage in a group Video Chat with your business clients or family. Skype also offers VOIP telephone numbers, and flat-rate calling packages for a small fee.

I have been using Skype a long time for my Computer. I have friends and business partners all over the world and I rely on a communication app, that won’t let me down or freeze in the middle of an important call. So I was very pleased to see, that Skype now also offers an app for mobile devices. Let’s find out if the quality and the interface is as good as on your computer.

The Interface

Sleek, modern and with elegant simplicity- that’s the main features of the Skype interface. And also in the Android and IOS app you can see that the developers walked the extra mile to match all the controls and design features to your mobile screen. Skype is really easy and self explanatory to use

The Audio Quality

Skype does not only feature Video Calls but the good old fashioned Audio Calls as well. So I tested that feature with a business partner in Beijing. What can I say - the call quality was crisp and crystal clear, it was as if my partner was sitting in the office next door. And not thousands of miles away.

The Video Quality

I travel a lot for my job and just use the mobile data on my phone. Not every conference I need to attend fits my time schedule, so it’s necessary to join in on a group Video call sometimes. I was sitting at the airport the other day, and used Skype for a conference call with 3 other business partners. Again, the quality was pretty good, just one time I experienced a minor picture freeze when I changed my location and started walking. Pretty good for a mobile connection.

The Downsides

As much convinced I am of the Skype app for mobiles, there are some downsides.

I noticed that a lot of users rejected the latest design changes for the Skype app on Android. To make the app more compatible with social media features, the Design Team added Snapchatlike features, new tones and alarms. The design differs for sure from the well known classic interface and has not been well received by many, because the simplicity of the interface is highjacked by the new buttons.


Skype has been setting the standard for mobile video calls and continues to satisfy customers all over the world. The main features from the app, the good call quality are all available for free. I can work well with the new design changes, but for everybody that is set back by the changes, there might be better alternatives with a lighter set of features.

Skype Pros & Cons


Available on all major operating systems
Great business features


Connection can be brittle sometimes

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