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Do you always miss out on the fun stuff? Because I work a lot, I tend to keep missing some cool things my friends are doing, or important moments my loved ones experience. For people like me, who spend a lot of time in front of a screen, apps like Snapchat are a possibility to stop missing out on the good things. And join in on the fun. But is the new snap chat finally free of crashes and bugs?

Snapchats Concept is pretty easy and fascinating. Snapchat opens to its camera in a few seconds, so that you can “snap” whatever happens in the moment and share it with your followers and friends.

Snapchat Features

You just take a funny picture or video, add text or use filter and share it. Additional lenses, funny 3D masks, Bitmojis and a broad variety of effects add up to the fun.

You can completely alternate the way you look, or wear funny masks that automatically detect your face. Also the community can invent its own filters and publish them for everybody to try.

You can invite yo to 16 parties into a group chat, and to make it more secure snaps that you send out, will be deleted after a short while. Other users can save them to their device though.

Much like Instagram you can also follow other Users to see what they at posting or follow their daily Stories.

Snapchat Update

Since especially the Android Users of Snapchat experiences crashes, freezes and couldn’t access all the apps functions, the revisited and updated app should feature a lot of advantages like faster camera access, faster loading of the additional filters and stories and a better image quality. So far, so good.

Some Disadvantages

When Snapchat came out, it was well received especially by very young users. They were able to communicate fast, share their experiences and Snapchat become more and more popular. Other competitors like Instagram and TikTok offered similar functions and seemed to perform better. That’s why Snapchats development team seemed to struggle with keeping the app functional for users of all device. While focusing on the IOS app, the Android app had a huge amount of freezes and lags, and also crashes. Which led to a lot of criticism from disappointed users on social media feeds. Snapchat is currently struggling with losing big numbers of their users to other social media services. That’s why they offer new features to attract young users. A multiplayer gaming mode and an augmented reality platform are the newest addition to the service.

But while testing the app for Android we still experienced the glitches and freezes the Android community is familiar with. So there is still a lot to improve.


Snapchat is a fun app with a great community and a growing list of stunning features. If the development team keeps their promise to fix the glitchy interface also for Android Users, it will be as golden as in its glory days.

Snapchat Pros & Cons


Huge user base
Super cool new filters & masks


The more features are introduced, the more bugs are too. It feels unstable

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