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I had a lot of pen pals as a kid. It was cool to check the mailbox every now and then to find out if I had a letter from one of them. We also started to send us small gifts, pictures or stuff that you could only get in the area to surprise each other. You could say that this is the simple, traditional form of a social network. Today it’s so much more convenient that you can reach people anytime and anywhere in the world. Is telegram the best app for modern communication though?

There are a ton of different ways for people all over the world to connect with one another these days. So, whether you prefer to chat with people on a one to one basis or spread your talents around for all the world on a social media platform, there is more than likely an app out there to suit your social needs.

One of my favorite new ways to interact with my family, friends, and colleagues is through the Telegram app. Not only does the app have a clean, easy to use interface, but the developers have included several unique encryption methods to safeguard the privacy of all users.

I can now chat with the peace of mind that any files, pictures, information, and even conversations sent through Telegram will never be seen by eyes they were not intended for.

Keep Conversations Organized

Many people think that using messenger applications is only for long text conversations with friends or flirty chats with new love interests. However, apps like Telegram can be used on a much larger scale than simply socializing with peers.

Because my work is vastly freelance, I conduct a great deal of my business with clients over the phone through Telegram. I can easily organize all of the active conversations in my account by giving them a helpful label. You will never forget who is in which chat either because Telegram displays an avatar bubble next to each chat label for effortless navigation.

Unique Stickers

As much as I enjoy using Telegram to get my work done, I also enjoy letting loose and being silly with my family and friends. Telegram has some of the most adorable and well-animated stickers I have seen in many of the messenger apps over the years.

There are even several hilarious stickers that poke fun at the current President of the United States, but they are of course respectful and in good taste.

If you are thinking about downloading Telegram so that your kids can play with the stickers in chats with their friends, you may want to reconsider. My only real complaint with the app was that some of the stickers in their library are rather suggestive in nature and definitely not family-friendly. Unless you are sitting next to your child and monitoring the stickers they can see, I would stick with something a bit more G-rated.

Completely Free

Free is a tricky word in the mobile gaming industry; most of the time gamers hear that word and instantly hear micro-transactions. Well, when you download Telegram onto your phone or tablet, what you see in the play store is exactly what you get.

The developers of Telegram have vowed to never monetize their app which means you'll never be hassled by ads for an in-game store, there won't be anyone hassling you for a subscription fee, and no commercial interruptions of any kind while using the app.

As if the truly-free status of Telegram wasn't appealing enough, the development team goes above and beyond to make sure that everything you share with your friends on Telegram stays private. Not only are there multiple encryption methods in place for all chats in Telegram, but there is also a feature known as Secret Chat for users who need a bit more reassurance.

If you want to know for sure that nobody is ever going to read what you said or retrieve a file you sent through Telegram, then open up a secret chat which will immediately "self-destruct" once the conversation is completed.

There is even a new feature that allows you to delete comments people have sent to you on both devices.

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