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Life is short. And so are all fun things. Moments that will be gone before you can enjoy them. So of course there are useful tools to help us cherish precious moments and make it possible to hold onto them longer. And to enjoy life even more. Social media apps like TikTok are out there to get in touch with other people and to enjoy funny short time videos, that will make us smile or think - or in best case both.

TikTok is a new worldwide phenomenon with a growing community. Mostly of young users. It originated from the Musical.ly service that was a simple lip sync app.

How To TikTok

Basically to use TikTok you put together videos and combine the with music and effects. It resembles other apps like Snapchat and Instagram a lot. The focus seems to a bit shifted though. It’s all about the music here, and the pretty advanced visual effects that you can create.

TikTok Features

You have all kinds of tools to work with.

You can crop and edit your videos, and choose from a big library of advanced special effects, free music, clips from well known pop culture phenomena and stickers. To spice it up, all content is crispy and short.

Curated Content

TikTok not only lets you create videos, you can also surf down the rabbit hole by watching millions of short time videos selected based on your taste and interest.

The video feed will adapt to what you like best. A lot of the most watched content on Tiktok can best be described as “quirky”. But in a good way.

Create Videos and Memes that can be remixed and reimagined by the creative and imaginative community of TikTok.

Conclusion & Criticism

Despite its quick rise among social media fans, there are still millions of people who do not quite know what TikTok is. Mostly those are older people. As a thirty year old I also struggle to quite get my head around what makes TikTok stand out. I can definitely recommend trying it out, to see if you’re having fun with it. It’s quite hard to put it down, once you started using it.

My only criticism is, that even though the content is curated there are a lot of questionable videos out there. And in addition, even though you can easily delete the app at all times, deleting your profile isn’t as easy as it should. You have to get a cancellation code provided by the development team. This should be easier in my opinion.

TikTok Pros & Cons


Super fun karaoke music videos (doh!)
A fresh concept
Pretty stable app


Questionable content found too easily
Under 18 should use it supervised

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