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I do enjoy a good old fashioned board game. It brings you closer together with people you love, and is a fun way to kill time. But I often find myself in occassions when I'm alone and I still need some distraction or a nice experience to get me through my daily routine. That's why I'm a huge fan of puzzle games. So let's check out Toy blast, is it a new puzzle blockbuster or just a clone of familar games?

Peak Games has created yet another matching puzzle game that is deceptively simple with its whimsical characters and brightly colored blocks in Toy Blast.

At first glance, the title doesn't look to offer anything special to set it apart from the countless other games in the genre, but there is far more to Toy Blast than the toy chest inspired matching puzzles.

If you are a fan of the matching puzzle genre, then stick around to learn all about the intriguing features you will find when you download Toy Blast on your phone or tablet.

Keeping It Simple

One of the things I love about matching games is that you don't have to worry about sensory overload with a lot of battle mechanics, animations, or heavy dialogue to keep up with.

All you have to worry about as a player is finding three or more of the same shapes or colors to select and move on to the next bunch! In Toy Blast, it feels as though the developers created a game that was simple enough for children to play with graphics that would keep them entertained while providing enough special features and difficult puzzles to keep adults amused as well.

Daily Events

As much as I love playing a good puzzle game, there is something monotonous about playing the same sort of puzzles day in and day out, especially if you get stuck on one in a higher level.

The daily events that occur in Toy Blast are what finally sealed the deal for me, as many other matching games don't offer any special events or mini-games of any kind.

I have yet to find another matching puzzle game that offers daily puzzles to break up the monotony of the general grind of climbing from one grueling level to the next, so it's a welcome and refreshing addition for Toy Blast.

Daily Prizes

Something that is a constant in just about every game in the industry is an in-game store that allows players to purchase boosts, lives, and other useful items to help them progress through the game. However, in most puzzle games you have to either win boosts, earn them through leveling, or shell out real dollars to buy them in the store.

What I love about the team at Peak Games is that they've stepped outside of the standard puzzle gaming box to create a more enjoyable experience for customers by giving them one of these useful items every day, just for playing the game. It's not often you find such generous developers in the play store, they could just as easily hound customers for their hard earned money like most other companies do.

Toy Blast has quickly become one of my favorite matching puzzle games because of its refreshing simplicity and beautifully colored graphics. I've always been drawn to apps with brighter, more saturated color schemes, and that is exactly what you get when you download Toy Blast.

As much as I love the game, however, it is not entirely flawless. After certain updates, the game becomes a bit buggy and even shuts down in the middle of playing. I wouldn't be so concerned about the minor glitches in Toy Blast if the developers didn't keep up a constant state of radio silence on the forums.

To be fair, they may respond better to direct emails or phone calls, but the customer service email they provide in the Google play store doesn't seem to be a valid address, so I'm not sure what the think. At the end of the day, Toy Blast is a refreshing change from the typical puzzle games you probably already have on your phone and I would recommend it to any puzzle lover.

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Very fair even in the free version


Some minor glitches

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