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There are billions of cool people out there, waiting to be friends with you. That’s what’s my grandma always said. Today it’s never been easier to finally reach them. In the age of casual dating, Wechat offers much more to find new friends. It combines features of social networks, communication services and games to a full blown community experience. It is not only a dating app it might be a kind of lifestyle at least.

There are countless messaging and social media apps in the mobile market, but not many of them offer as many features and benefits as WeChat does. I loved all the different things I could do when downloading WeChat; I am no longer limited to only texting and video calling my friends and family.

Because there are so many facets to WeChat, it's almost as though you are downloading an app that will do the work of many, which means more space on your phone for the things you really care about.

If you are looking for a new messaging app to keep in touch with your massive social media following, your family or gamer friends, then WeChat might just be the right choice for you!

Create Massive Messages

I used to love the days of sitting for hours in front of my keyboard and getting to know hundreds of people in a massive chat room. Now that I am a professional blogger, it's important to get to know the followers and other bloggers in my niche.

I often use WeChat to talk to my followers, and of course, my family and friends, because it is one of the only messaging services I know of that will allow me to chat with over 500 people at one time.

That may seem daunting and little excessive if you are only looking for an app to video call one or two of your closest friends, but it's a very convenient method of communication for professionals and even gamers who want to communicate with their guildmates outside of their chosen game.

More Than A Social Media App

Probably my number one reason for downloading WeChat was because there are so many other things to use it for than messaging and calling people.

There is an extensive news feed where I can stay up to date on all the current events happening in the world, and I can play games with my friends using WeChat as well.

Several apps have integrated with WeChat to create seamless experiences between the two. Now, you can use WeChat to talk to your friends, read the newest political drama, and shop for a new outfit, all without leaving the app.

Personal Moments Stream

I have countless memories of being in a silly video chat with family or friends and wishing that we could have some relic or reminder from the moment.

The personal moment's stream is one of the best features to use in WeChat because you can look back on funny or special moments you had in a video chat. You can even share the moments with your friends by selecting the images you want to share. That way you can all have a solid chuckle over that silly thing you did the other day.

Although there are many things I absolutely love about the app, there are a few problems I ran into when using WeChat. Firstly, if you're going to use any video messaging app there are certain issues you are bound to run into at times.

For example, not every single one of your calls will have crystal clear quality, and this isn't always at the fault of the developer. However, when you have constant crashes and audiovisual problems that arise in calls more often than just once in a while, then you have an issue.

Although there are not an excessive amount of bugs in WeChat, you should expect to have multiple call crashes, black screens, or issues trying to reach the seemingly unreachable development team.

At the end of the day, WeChat is a free service that will work for you the majority of the time. If you can be patient with occasional bugs and downtime during calls then you shouldn't have too much of a problem with WeChat.

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Play games & interact with friends


Occasional Crashes & Black Screens

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