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Whatsapp is the worlds most used and liked messenger service. More than a billion of Users exchange chats and pictures all over the world and makes calls, video chats free of charge. The Whatsapp app for mobile works seamlessly with your phone and the remote application for desktop or your browser. The app has just a few drawbacks that we will highlight in this review.

The best things in life are free - like a good conversation with a friend or family member. And to connect people their are messengers - like WhatsApp, which is also completely free. No matter where your friends live you can always reach them, message them and even video call them without worrying about fees or money. That’s the biggest advantage for me.

The Details

The Whatsapp application for Android and IOS works exactly the same like the desktop version - which is great. No matter which device you use, all your devices work seamlessly with each other and you won’t miss out on any new messages or read something twice. You can send files, photos, GIFs, make & receive video calls, audio calls and group messages. All encrypted and secure. Only condition - your contact has to use WhatsApp as well. Since the messenger works with almost every device and remains highly popular that’s not a buggy.

You don’t even need to register, you just need your phone number and the App will do the rest. Import all your contacts, and your chat history, and you're good to go.

Another useful feature is that you can share your location with your contacts. In case you are meeting up in an area you are not familiar with, this comes in handy too.

The Downsides

With Whatsapp being free and accessible to almost everybody there’s not a lot room for criticism. The app features a lot of opportunities for modern communication and is pretty easy and convenient to use.

The new end to end encryption is only working if both parties use the supporting versions of the app though. In the unlikely event that the other party uses a really old phone or version of the app, the communication might not be fully secure.

The other downside is that you are just enabled to communicate with other Whatsapp users. If you want to contact someone who doesn’t use the app you have to send him/her an invite via text or mail. It’s understandable that nothing in life comes for free though - if course the developer need you to interest your friends and family in joining the app, so that the messenger service keeps growing.

So both of those seem like minor flaws to me.


I can recommend WhatsApp to anybody who wants to be able to communicate with their friends, family and business partners no matter where they are. The service is and will be free of charge. And I will continue to use WhatsApp for a long time.

WhatsApp Pros & Cons


Free & stable messenger
Good connection quality
Audio, Video & IM Support


Communication can be unsecured in some cases
Tied To Your Phone Number, Bad For Travelers

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