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When I was little my Dad gave me his old home video camera. Immediately I started to film short movies with my friends. Since no one of us knew how to edit video, we tried to make one take videos of everything. Short stories we came up with, funny clips, we even made our own news broadcast - for our parents. The funniest sections were always those were we did something wrong or unplanned. Nowadays it's much easier to edit and publish videos.

When you think of Youtube, you immediately think of cute animals. Youtube has them all. Dogs, cats, turtels doing funny and adorable stuff. Millions watch and enjoy funny dog videos. But Youtube features much much more than just good old funny clips or furry friends. It is the worlds biggest platform for video content. Which gives the users of the official Youtube App an endless flood of oppurtunities.

Decide what you want to see

The Youtube app has - like most of the modern social media apps - an algorithm that will curate what kind of content you will be recommended. It does a decent job if you are clear and forward with the keywords you use in the search. You can customize your preferences and create multiple playlists with different topics and the possibilty to save videos on a watchlist for later. You have access to your search history and you can erase everything you don't want to have in the history.

Design changes

It's all about taste and customization. So it is no wonder that you have more possibilities to personalize your Youtube interface in the app. A dark color scheme, custom backgrounds and different settings will make it easy to achive the look you want to.


You can use the recommendations tab or try your luck with the search tool to find all kinds of content. From Music Videos, uprising artists, DIY tutorials to educational content you have a wide range to choose from. You can save everything you like on your personal list. If you feel like it, you can share the list with friends.


If you prefer ad free content or special content you can upgrade easily to Youtube Premium. A lot of genuine channels, Youtube original productions and enhanced features will come with the subscription. A background mode, Offline mode for travels and much more make the experience exceptional.


There's no way around Youtube if you enjoy videos of any kind. The mobile app does convince with flawless playback, customization features and a ton of useful functions. A must have for everybody.

Youtube Pros & Cons


Easy to use
The best variety of content


Some confusing design choices

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