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Google Play is Android's core system, it enables Android users to enjoy features such as streaming their favorite movies or TV shows, listen to music or play games and download useful (and sometimes not so useful) apps spread across dozens of categories. Google Play evolved over the years and is now a fully fledged entertainment paradise that offers everything from movies to books or games.

Download Google Play as single app, or individually for movies, games, music or books!

Google Play Store Apps

Google Play consists of four main categories, which include movies, games/apps, music & books.

Google Play Games Screenshot

"Focus on just games (The good stuff)"

Google Play games, as the name suggests this is the part of the official Google Play Store that focuses on games only.

If you're a gamer or simply not interested in the rest, cut out what's not for you and focus on only games. The app doesn't just list games though, it comes with many features that make your gamer heart skip a beat.

Personally, it reminds me a lot of the iOS Game Center, or PS4's gamer profiles. With Google Play games you get a profile, can make friends & send messages.

Google Play games also comes pre-installed with some classics, such as Pac-Man.

There are leaderboards that let you challenge your friends and then see who's boss. Probably the best feature is the recording of your game play though. You can record yourself in any game and then share the best moments with your buddies. Currently, to my knowledge there is no Twitch integration, but there are possible solutions to stream android games to twitch.

Google Play Music Screenshot

"Stream & Listen To Music & Radio"

Google Play music comes with plenty of free options for you to enjoy music on the go.

You can optionally import up to 50K songs from your own library, and then have them available on all your connected devices, anytime & anywhere.

The Google Play Radio is also free and without time-limit, it is ad-supported in the free version though. Meaning sometimes you have to sit through a 30 sec commercial. It's not to a point where it would be super-annoying though.

On the other hand, with a paid subscription to Google Play Music you can skip all these commercials entirely and just enjoy any album or song you want to listen to. The subscription, similar to Apple Music, let's you share your account with up to six family-members.

Other premium-only features include a Youtube Music subscription, which is included in the paid subscription for Google Play Music. You can then also download any album or song directly to your device, so that you can listen to it offline.

Google Play Books - Ebooks, Audiobooks, and Comics Logo

Google Play Books - Ebooks, Audiobooks, and Comics

Google Play Books - Ebooks, Audiobooks, and Comics Screenshot

"Books, Comics & Audio Books"

With Google Play Books you pretty much have the content of dozens of libraries at your fingertips.

From classic books, over e-books to audio books and even comics you can find anything your heart desires.

Google Play Books is subscription-free, you can buy one or multiple books as one-off purchases.

There quite a few cool features, for example if you like comic books you can activate the "Bubble-Zoom" feature that animates the speech bubbles in comic books. That gives comics a kind of animated feeling while you browse through the pages.

I especially love the preview functionality, I don't have to rely on hear-say, or hoping Google lets me return a book in case something isn't up to my expectation. Instead, I can simply read a few pages of any book, or also listen to a few pages of any audio book they offer before making a decision to buy.

This feature alone, I am proud to say, has caused me to not make a single bad purchase of off Google Play Books.

Google Play Movies & TV Logo

Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Movies & TV Screenshot

"Your personal mobile cinema!"

Last, and also least, we come to Google Play Movies. This app along with games, is the most downloaded Google Play app.

No wonder, movies & TV shows are pretty much the main cornerstone of today's entertainment.

With Google Play Movies, you get access to literally millions of movies. Very similar to Apple iTunes, with Google Play Movies you can buy or rent movies before they come out on DVD.

Pro Tip: For new releases, if you can, just wait a week or two and it will be available for rent. Renting is so much cheaper than buying, rule of thumb is that you can rent almost three movies for the price of buying one.

What I personally love the most about Google Play Movies, is their search functionality for TV shows. I always have trouble keeping up with new episode air dates or when new seasons start. The app always notifies me, so I never miss out on episodes of the shows I love.