The Best Educational Android Apps For Children 3-6

Educational Android & iOS Apps For Children


There are numerous apps available to help teach your young child basic concepts, such as colors, numbers, and shapes. There are also a variety of apps available to help your child to start learning to read. However, not all apps deliver the same level of quality regarding graphics, sound, and content presentation. Additionally, some apps focus on beginning concepts, such as numbers and colors, while others incorporate abstract concepts, such as size, category, and relations.

Check out our best educational app picks, that'll help you teach your child valuable skills.

The Top Educational Apps For Young Children & Toddlers

We've gathered the best android & iOS apps that will help you teach your child in an age appropriate manner.

Teach Your Monster to Read - Phonics and Reading Logo

Teach Your Monster to Read - Phonics and Reading

Teach Your Monster to Read - Phonics and Reading Screenshot

"Phonics & Reading For Kindergarteners"

With 61,000,000 installs, Teach Your Monster to Read is an award-winning reading and phonics game for Android tablets and phones. With the help of reading experts from the University of Roehampton, the app addresses the skills children acquire during the first two years of learning to read. For instance, it covers things like matching sounds and letters to reading magical, little books.

The incorporation of phonics makes this book suitable for virtually any school’s phonics scheme, and it is also perfect for home use. With this app, your child can create a monster that accompanies him or her throughout the various reading games, which serve to improve reading skills and entertain.

Teach Your Monster to Read is used worldwide, but it also seamlessly integrates into the Phases 2 through 5 of the United Kingdom’s, government-approved, Letters and Sounds program. For use in preschools up to first grade, this interactive program is an excellent teaching resource. There are no hidden costs, in-app purchases, or advertisements.

ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics Logo

ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics

ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics Screenshot

"Learn To Read 2+"

Designed by parents, ABC Kids is a free educational app designed to teach children the English alphabet via tracing letters and learning phonics. The app is primarily designed for children ages two and older, but it works for any child just learning the skills necessary to read. It features a variety of activities, such as fun tracing, phonics pairing, and matching games. These activities facilitate the process of recognizing letters and identifying the associated phonic sounds. Additionally, your child can collect stickers and toys as he or she completes a variety of tracing games.

In terms of parent participation, this app includes a Teacher Mode that you can easily access in the settings. You can review your child’s progress via the report card function, and you can facilitate learning by toggling between the phonic and tracing games. Additionally, the menu is hidden, so your child will stay focused on learning.

This free app is full-featured. There are no in-app purchases or third-party advertisements.

Colors & Shapes - Kids Learn Color and Shape Logo

Colors & Shapes - Kids Learn Color and Shape

Colors & Shapes - Kids Learn Color and Shape Screenshot

"Develop Recognitional Skills 4+"

Designed for preschoolers, Colors & Shapes is an educational game that teaches color-recognition skills and object matching. Through a variety of mini-games, your child will learn to match and identify colors, recognize and match shapes, and have fun solving puzzles designed to further your child’s learning of colors and shapes.

For instance, you child can drag and drop animated pieces to form a shape. This activity provides a fun and interactive way to learn about shapes. Additionally, your child can “paint” while learning colors and shapes. With the painting option, your child can “paint” blank objects with a variety of colors and then learn to identify the objects while learning about colors and shapes. There are also a variety of matching games to choose from, such as "look-alikes" and "collecting."

In terms of difficulty levels, you can adjust them to meet your child’s skill level. Additionally, your child can earn stickers throughout each game. Finally, Colors and Shapes is free and does not include third-party ads or in-app purchases.

Preschool Adventures-1 Screenshot

"For Children 3+"

For both girls and boys ages three to four years old, Preschool Adventures-1 is packed with games and puzzles designed to teach your child a variety of concrete concepts, such as animals, numbers, and clothes. However, it also teaches concepts that are more abstract, such as categories, size, and the ability to recognize an object from different perspectives.

Preschool Adventure-1 also incorporates sound to teach your child such things as the names of animals, tools, and instruments. Of course, it also teaches your child the sounds these animals, tools, and instruments make, so the experience becomes a fun, noisy learning experience that keeps children engaged.

Finally, all of the puzzles were designed with the help of a child-development specialist.

Preschool Adventures-2 FULL Logo

Preschool Adventures-2 FULL

Preschool Adventures-2 FULL Screenshot

"For Children 4+"

The next in the series of Preschool Adventures, this app is comprised of educational puzzles designed for boys and girls ages four to five years old.

Each of the 36 puzzles were designed with the help of a child-development specialist and are comprised of content to help develop your child’s cognitive skills. For instance, children learn general knowledge about the world via all of the app's general subject matter related to a typical child's daily environment. From information about home and family experiences to information about school and food and friends, the app helps to explain and teach to children all the little details with which they come into daily contact.

Some of the more in-depth concepts your child will learn include bilateral and spatial awareness and recognition of shadow objects. Additionally, Preschool Adventures-2 expands on the concrete concepts learned in Preschool Adventures-1. For instance, regarding the animals they previously learned about, they will now learn about what they eat and where they live.

Preschool Adventures-3 FULL Logo

Preschool Adventures-3 FULL

Preschool Adventures-3 FULL Screenshot

"For Children 5+"

The last in the series of Preschool Adventures, this app is for girls and boys ages five to six years old. It also incorporates sound to give your child a more comprehensive learning experience. As with the two previous apps, Preschool Adventures-3 is comprised of 36 puzzles to challenge your child and help develop your child’s cognitive abilities.

Via the app's colorful and interactive puzzles, your child can learn numbers as well as how to count objects. There are also puzzles that introduce basics words that prepare your child to begin learning to read. This app also furthers conceptual learning by building on the previous apps' coverage of basic concepts, such as logic and relations, colors, and shapes. For instance, it helps introduce more difficult concepts, such logic and relations between seemingly unrelated objects.

As your child progresses though each of the three levels, he or she can enjoy a variety of puzzles that increase in difficulty, providing your child fun challenges that keep him or her engaged.

FunnyFood Kindergarten learning games for toddlers Logo

FunnyFood Kindergarten learning games for toddlers

FunnyFood Kindergarten learning games for toddlers Screenshot

"Learning Games For Toddlers"

Perfect for children ages two an older, FunnyFood Kindergarten Learning incorporates a user-friendly interface that includes a variety of free games. These games teach basic, concrete concepts, abstract concepts, and help develop initial, fine-motor skills. To gain full access to the app, you must make an in-app purchase.

In terms of variety of concepts and ways to teach them, this app delivers. It is packed with fun characters, entertaining animations, and a variety of ways to interact. Simply put, this app ensures your child will remain engaged. In terms of options, you can choose from 17 educational games, 50 sorting and color games, and 10 games that teach basic concepts. This app also includes memory and logic games.

Some of the more notable games include the ones that teach parts versus wholes. For instance, it allows you to cut vegetables and fruits into parts by tracing lines. Once the child completes the games, he or she gets to feed the food to animals. Another one involves washing food and then sorting everything into categories.