The Best Google Play & iTunes Apps To Save A Buck On Groceries

Save Money With These Grocery & Shopping Apps


Are you tired of spending so much money at the grocery store? You're buying your usual items, but your bill has likely gotten higher over the past few years. You can reduce the amount you spend on some items, like clothes or shoes, but groceries are really a necessity that you can't just cut out of your budget.

Perhaps you heard your friends talking about some apps they have that are helping them save money at the grocery store. Or, maybe you've seen some advertisements on Facebook about different apps. But which ones are the best to use? How can you maximize your savings without needing to spend a lot of time on the app? Below, we've reviewed 13 different grocery apps. Each app works a little differently than the others and will help you save money in different ways. You'll have to read the reviews to decide which app is best for you. You may decide to give more than one a try; there is no reason you can't double dip and use multiple apps to save even more money.

Save Money On Grocery & Online Shopping

These amazing coupon / cash-back / reward apps for Android & iOS will be your new favorites. – Grocery Coupons & Cash Back Savings Logo – Grocery Coupons & Cash Back Savings – Grocery Coupons & Cash Back Savings Screenshot

"Made by" is an app designed to help you save money while you shop through the use of paperless coupons. When you download their app, all you'll need to do is link your loyalty cards for all your favorite grocery stores. Then, you can use the app to look through the hundreds of coupons that are available. When you find a coupon you'd like to use, you can add it to your loyalty cards by just clicking on it. You can do this in advance or even when you're out at the store shopping.

When you check out at the grocery store, many stores will automatically credit you with the coupon and you'll save the money instantly. For some stores, you'll need to submit a picture of your receipt through the app, and then you'll be credited with cash back through your PayPal account. helps you save on your groceries without needing to worry about taking time to cut out coupons or remembering to use them at the store.

Fetch Rewards: Grocery Savings & Gift Cards Logo

Fetch Rewards: Grocery Savings & Gift Cards

Fetch Rewards: Grocery Savings & Gift Cards Screenshot

"Collect Reward Points Automatically"

Fetch Rewards allows you to save on your groceries regardless of where you shop. The app rewards you each time you purchase one of their participating, featured products. Each time you go shopping, simply submit your receipt. Each receipt will earn you points. If you purchased one of the featured products, then you'll earn more points for that receipt. Every receipt you submit will earn you some points, so even if you didn't purchase a featured product on a given trip, be sure to still scan your receipt. With Fetch Rewards, you are able to submit your receipts up to 14 days after you made your purchase.

The points you earn will accumulate in your account. Once you've reached various amounts of points, you can cash them in for gift cards to different stores. Some of the featured stores include Amazon, Target, Panera, and Walmart. You can start cashing in your points once you've earned $3.00 worth of rewards, so you won't have to wait too long to start reaping the rewards of scanning those receipts.

Ibotta: Cash Back Savings, Rewards & Coupons App Logo

Ibotta: Cash Back Savings, Rewards & Coupons App

Ibotta: Cash Back Savings, Rewards & Coupons App Screenshot

"Receive Cash-Back To Paypal or Venmo"

With Ibotta, you'll be able to receive cash back on select items that you purchase. Before you're planning a trip to the store, you can use Ibotta to view the offers available for that store. Some offers will be for a particular brand, but there are also offers for cash back for buying any brand of milk, cheese, or some other item. The offers change frequently, so be sure to check the app often to maximize your savings. When you see an offer you want to use, simply add the offer to the list of your offers for the store you'll be shopping at. Then, after you've made your purchase at the store, you can redeem the offer. To redeem an offer, you'll just need to submit a picture of your receipt showing the item you purchased. For some items, you'll also need to scan the barcode to confirm that you purchased it. Shortly after you submit the offer, your account will be credited.

With Ibotta, you have the option of receiving your rewards as cash back through either PayPal or Venmo. You can also shop from various gift card options. If you share your code for Ibotta with friends and family, you can also receive additional bonuses when they sign up and start redeeming offers.

Shopkick - Shopping Rewards, Gift Cards & Cashback Logo

Shopkick - Shopping Rewards, Gift Cards & Cashback

Shopkick - Shopping Rewards, Gift Cards & Cashback Screenshot

"Redeem Big-Brand Gift Cards"

ShopKick can help you earn cash back and other rewards at various stores and online. With ShopKick, you simply need to open the app when you are shopping at Target, Walmart, or Best Buy. Then, you'll automatically earn rewards. For each of these stores, there will be different opportunities for you to earn more rewards, or kicks. If you find and scan selected items, you'll earn more kicks. If you decide to purchase these items and then scan your receipt, your kicks will accumulate even more quickly.

If you are shopping online, you can still earn kicks with ShopKick. You'll be able to earn kicks through online stores like Amazon,, eBay, and Groupon. Plus, there are special opportunities within the app for you to earn more rewards by watching select videos.

Once your kicks or rewards have accumulated, you can redeem them for gift cards. There are lots of options to choose from including Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls.

Dosh: Automatic Cash Back App for Shopping & Gas Logo

Dosh: Automatic Cash Back App for Shopping & Gas

Dosh: Automatic Cash Back App for Shopping & Gas Screenshot

"Collect Automatically With Credit Card Purchases"

Once you have Dosh set up, you'll earn rewards for just going about your life like normal. With Dosh, all you need to do is link your credit card to your Dosh account with their secure connection. Every time you use your linked credit card to make a purchase, Dosh will look for offers on the items you purchased. If there were any available offers, then they'll automatically deposit the cash into your Dosh wallet.

Once your cash has accumulated in your wallet, you can choose how you want it redeemed. You can either receive it through PayPal or Venmo, or if you'd prefer, you can have it donated to a charity.

Ebates Rakuten: Cash Back Shopping & Promo Codes Logo

Ebates Rakuten: Cash Back Shopping & Promo Codes

Ebates Rakuten: Cash Back Shopping & Promo Codes Screenshot

"Up To 40% Cash-Back"

Ebates allows you to earn cash back for shopping at a number of different stores. With Ebates, you'll earn as much as 40% back on your purchases. Ebates offers deals with over 2,500 stores, so you're sure to find great deals at places you love to shop. Plus, with Ebates, if you use Lyft, DoorDash, Caviar, or Grubhub, you'll receive even more money back.

There are lots of different ways you can save money using Ebates. One of these ways is through taking advantage of the cash back offers through the app. Ebates will also offer promo codes that you can use to save money when you are shopping online. If you buy select gift cards through the app, you'll also earn cash back. Ebates offers savings on hotels and car rentals as well. If you share the app and refer your friends, not only will you help them earn cash back, but you'll also receive a $25 bonus.

Flipp - Weekly Shopping Screenshot

""Flipp" Through Weekly Offers Of Big Brands"

With Flipp you will be able to manage your shopping trips and help yourself save money. Flipp allows you to view the weekly ads for your favorite stores so you can easily find all the deals near you. When you see a special you don't want to miss, just click on the item and the app will add it to your shopping list for you. Plus, you can use the app to search for specific items you're looking for, so you can find the best deal. In addition to grocery stores, the Flipp app will let you view weekly ads for pharmacies, home improvement stores, and warehouse clubs.

Flipp also lets you link your store loyalty cards. Once your cards are linked to the app, you'll be able to add the digital coupons from the app directly to your card. Then, when you check out at the store, you'll instantly save money.

The Krazy Coupon Lady: Shop Smart. Save Money. Logo

The Krazy Coupon Lady: Shop Smart. Save Money.

The Krazy Coupon Lady: Shop Smart. Save Money. Screenshot

"Find, Use & Print Coupons"

As the name suggests, The Krazy Coupon Lady app is designed to help you find and use coupons to save money when you shop. With this app, you can search for manufacturer coupons, store coupons, mobile coupons, and printable coupons, so you'll be sure to find the best deals available on all your favorite products. Plus, the app allows you to set up notifications to alert you when coupons are released for some of your favorite brands or products.

In addition to coupons, The Krazy Coupon Lady offers you additional ways to save and earn money. The app provides tips and tricks designed to help you lower your grocery bills even more and save more money in other areas of your life. This app also can help you save from popular retailers, such as Apple, KitchenAid, and UGG. Each day, more than 80 deals are posted, so there's always something new and exciting to look for on The Krazy Coupon Lady.

RetailMeNot: Save with Coupons, Deals, & Discounts Logo

RetailMeNot: Save with Coupons, Deals, & Discounts

RetailMeNot: Save with Coupons, Deals, & Discounts Screenshot

"Save On Groceries, Travel, Fashion & Restaurants"

RetailMeNot is an app that helps you save money through promo codes and coupons. It can help you save up to 70% on some items. RetailMeNot features weekly ads for you to browse and deals each day to score great coupons for your favorite items. With this app, you'll also be able to access printable coupons to uncover even more ways to save. The app can be set to notify you of deals that are near your current location. This way you'll never miss out on an amazing offer.

In addition to offering savings at grocery stores, with RetailMeNot, you can also find savings for restaurants, travel, fashion and electronics. Within the app, you'll also be able to find special cash back offers of up to 15% that you can redeem for certain items you have purchased. You can redeem your rewards for cash or for a gift card. If you choose to redeem them for a gift card, you'll receive 12% more on the gift card than you would if you chose cash.

Checkout 51: Grocery coupons Screenshot

"Earn Cash-Back In Your Local Grocery Store"

Checkout 51 helps you earn cash back on some of your favorite items from the grocery store. You can use the app to look for cash back deals at your local grocery store. If you find an offer you want to use, just submit a picture of your receipt. Then, the cash will be credited to your account. The special cash back offers are updated every Thursday in the app, so you'll be able to find lots of different items to help you save money.

With Checkout 51, you can redeem your rewards for cash once you reach $20.00. The app also allows you to search for deals. So, if there is a particular product or brand you are looking for you, you'll be able to perform a quick search for it.

Receipt Hog - Receipts to Cash Logo

Receipt Hog - Receipts to Cash

Receipt Hog - Receipts to Cash Screenshot

"Accumulate Cash-Back On Almost Any Receipt"

With Receipt Hog, you'll be able to accumulate rewards using any receipts, not just those from the grocery store. With this app, you don't need to pre-select any products or deals. You simply snap a picture of all your receipts and submit them in the app. Then, you'll earn coins that can be redeemed for cash or an Amazon gift card.

The Receipt Hog app, turns saving into a game. When you submit receipts, you can also earn spins for the fun Hog Slot Machine. When you spin the machine, you can earn extra coins so your rewards will accumulate more quickly. Every time you scan your receipts, your hog grows fatter. As your hog grows fatter, your rewards increase. You can increase your earnings through participating in digital surveys.

Earny: Automatic Cash Back Logo

Earny: Automatic Cash Back

Earny: Automatic Cash Back Screenshot

"Link Any Card To Earny & Receive Automated Cash-Back"

Earny is designed to help you save money on travel, online shopping, and your everyday shopping trips. With Earny, you link your various credit cards to the app. Then, the app will give you suggestions related to your shopping habits. It will help you get the most out of your credit cards and their various benefits by letting you know which credit card would be the most beneficial to use for a given purchase.

When you shop online, Earny can also help you save money. After you've completed your shopping as usual, Earny looks at your purchases and works to find the lowest price. Then, they'll get you a refund credited to your account. If you are traveling and book your hotel through an online travel booking website or directly with certain hotel chains, Earny might be able to help you save more money. After you have booked your travel, Earny keeps track of the hotel prices. If they find a lower price than what you booked for, you'll get the option to rebook your hotel at a lower rate.

GetUpside: Earn Money & Get Gas Prices Near You Logo

GetUpside: Earn Money & Get Gas Prices Near You

GetUpside: Earn Money & Get Gas Prices Near You Screenshot

"Save up to 25 cents per gallon of gas"

GetUpside was developed to help you get cash back on gas, groceries, and restaurants. You will save money in the form of cash back rebates. You can earn up to 25 cents back for each gallon of gas you purchase. There are also cash back offers available for select restaurants and grocery stores.

After you make a purchase, the money should be credited to your account within 24 hours. Your earnings through GetUpside can be redeemed as a gift card, a check, or a credit to your PayPal account.

Now that you've read our reviews, you can evaluate which grocery app or apps are best for you. Or maybe there are few that you are interested in trying out and you want to compare them in action. Either way, no matter which apps you choose, you'll appreciate saving money on your groceries. There are so many other ways you can put your money to good use than just wasting it at the grocery store! Happy saving!